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Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm by Mind Map: Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm
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Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm

Read ME 1st

Hello beautiful, thought full, creative human beings Welcome to the beginning of an amazing, creative learning experience Here our minds mould together with the goal of every single day being a little brighter than the previous so lets cooperate here and see what happens Thankyou in advance for your genuine contributions Good luck!! Sam

Reasons behind use of mindmaps

Reasons behind it, Efficiently explore ideas, Efficiently communicate ideas

Pros, Less reading, Faster understanding of concepts, Simple means of sifting through ideas, Opinion based essays can be avoided, Self indexing, Links con be implimented into mindmap, PDF's, Youtube, Etc, Better production per unit of hour spent on mindmap, Both in, Interpreting information, Adding in relevant information

Rules, Needed to keep document easy to understand, Only write in Earthling, Romantic language has no function here, KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, Less words = more information, Keep the vocab simple for everyone to understand

Earthling is the official language we mindmap and communicate in

Download this link and listen..,

(thanks heron at for creating this language),

Earthling is a problem solving version of English

People in conversation all apply 5 rules of earthing, You and a person your communicating with will not be confused



Idea A

make drugs unsellable, how, drugs still illegal to buy, posess etc, create clinics where people con consume drugs for free, first users must go through education program, where they learn, the way the chemistry effects your brain, all side effects, what long term effects are, meet current users to see what they are like, including new users, 3 year users, 10 year users, once educated and still willing nurse administers a hit, they cannot leave the facility until the high is over, to protect themselves, to protect the public, once high is over they are free to leave, drugs are produced by universities, ensuring a raw clean product, Pros, if drugs are free, users wont commit crime to purchase drugs, Dealers will not be able to sell drugs, Gangs will lose their biggest form of income, Reduces the prison population, per prisinor it costs NZD$90,000 PA, saves money, Drug dealers will no longer get people addicted to drugs for the sake of there own income, Increases the chance that users treated with respect in this facility will seek help(rehab), users have far 0 chance of, getting diseases from dirty needles, overdosing, Cons, Drug dealers may target younger market, shortage of health professionals


idea A

top 10 fruit and veges, free to every kiwi, how, Gown on crown land, distributed to truck to "fruit shops" for collection, Untitled, limit per person on amount people need, car parks 100m away so people con get excersize at the same time, ?grow in?, near each city, one main area on each island, volenteers work, passionate about organic farming, pros, Eventual savings from less diet related illnesses, healthier population leads to a happier population, reduces social inequality, cons, cost, include, Onions, Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Garlic, Mushrooms, Potatoes


idea A

public transport, Install trolly Busses in every major city, pros, less dependant on fossil fuels, less forign oil imports, better for the enviornment, less traffic on city roads, cons, Cost, new aluminium based Trolly bus designed as engineering project for universities, Uni students "real world learning", Uni students paying for there subsity, every year price of riding on busses reduced by 20%, encouraging use of busses, and paying for its overall cost

Idea B

encouraging car pooling, toll places throughout major cities, no passenger = have to pay a fee

Human rights, fairness and society


Idea A

Super fast Broadband, free in, Schools, Universities, Public Libraries

Primary Education

Idea A

Earthling taught in year 4, and every year thereafter encouraged

Idea B

childeren taught how to deal with their emotions, primary may be too late for this

idea c

Cooperation as a priority

Tertiary Education

Families and Communities




NZ population currently on Decline

but maintained through immigration

Sexual orientation

simply if you dont like homo/hetra sexuals, do not date one

Mental Health

Law and Justice

Housing and property