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Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm by Mind Map: Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm
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Social Convention Ideas Brainstorm

Read ME 1st

Hello beautiful, thought full, creative human beings Welcome to the beginning of an amazing, creative learning experience Here our minds mould together with the goal of every single day being a little brighter than the previous so lets cooperate here and see what happens Thankyou in advance for your genuine contributions Good luck!! Sam

Reasons behind use of mindmaps

Earthling is the official language we mindmap and communicate in

Earthling is a problem solving version of English



Idea A


idea A


idea A

Idea B

Human rights, fairness and society


Idea A

Primary Education

Idea A

Idea B

idea c

Tertiary Education

Families and Communities




NZ population currently on Decline

Sexual orientation

simply if you dont like homo/hetra sexuals, do not date one

Mental Health

Law and Justice

Housing and property