Struggle For North America

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Struggle For North America by Mind Map: Struggle For North America

1. Building A New France

1.1. Canada - New France

1.2. Quietly Grew

1.3. rival Native American Groups

1.4. Fur Trapping and Trading

1.5. offiicials to oversee new economy for france

1.6. Sent soldiers and more settles from France

2. The English Colonies

2.1. First Colony,, James Town Virginia 1607

2.2. made headway when they started exporting Tabbaco

2.3. 1620 Pilgrims, Plymouth Massachusetttes, protestants who rejected church

2.4. Compact agreement among people

2.5. cash crops- rice and tabacco

2.6. growth 1600-1700

2.7. Regular appointed governors - parliament passed laws

2.8. Freeborn Englishmen

3. Struggling For power

3.1. By 1600 French Claims included present-day Canada

3.2. English/Dutch - Colonies

3.3. Native Americans Fight Back

3.4. French and Indian war - 1754 -1763

3.5. British set campaigns against French, prevailed in Canada

3.6. Treaty of Paris - official ended the worldwide war and ensured British Dominance in North America

4. Triangular Trade

4.1. Middle passage - slave were transported to the Americans

4.2. Back to Europe merchants carried sugar, molasses, cotton, and other American goods

4.3. immensely profitable

4.4. caused successful port cities

5. The Middle Passage

5.1. There were a lot of struggles

5.2. slave trade was awful and unhamane

5.3. Many slaves died along the way

5.4. Slave Trading ports

5.5. mutinies and several revolts by the captives

5.6. The slave trade brought enormous wealth to merchants and caused the growth of colonies

5.6.1. 11 millions slaves though