Seven Aspects of Civilization

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Seven Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: Seven Aspects of Civilization

1. Government & Leaders

1.1. Sumerians

1.1.1. The first king of the sumerians was Etana of Kish

1.2. Shang/Zhou

1.2.1. In china most the societies were formed by a need for ritualistic behaviors. The Shang dynasty was the first know dynasty in china.

2. Religion

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. This is a picture of an ancient Sumerian temple

2.2. Shang/Zhou

2.2.1. Religion during the Shang dynasty was polytheistic.

2.2.2. A god worshiped was Shang Ti. It was important to make sure that Shang Ti was happy. They did this with various rituals and prayers, offerings, and sometimes human sacrifices.

3. Science and Technology

3.1. Sumerians

3.1.1. Sumerians invented the wheel and the potters wheel. They invented the concept of 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

3.2. Shang/Zhou

3.2.1. The Shang domesticated animals such as pigs, dogs, sheep, oxen and even silk worms.

4. Geography and Agriculture

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. Focused on farming, hunting wasn't as common. They farmed wheat, rice, and barley crops.

4.2. Shang/Zhou

4.2.1. The Shang/Zhou moved away from the barbarians in the east to the westernmost agricultural basin of north china the lower Wei River valley this is where the Shang-Style agriculture was developed the crops grown from the Shang-Style were rice, wheat, millet and corn.  People began to raise domestic animals such as cows, sheep, horses, chickens, dogs and pigs. wewe

5. Arts & Education

5.1. Shang/Zhou

5.1.1. Writing was done on bamboo strips and silk but did not last over the years. Art was done with bronze, rock and other materials.

5.2. Sumerians

5.2.1. Sumerian art was complex and ornate, it was mostly used for  religious purposes

6. Social Structure and Family Life

6.1. Sumerians

6.1.1. Upper class consisted of nobles, priest,soldiers, and government officials. The middle class contained merchants,artisans, and scribes. The lowest of Sumerian culture were the peasants and slaves.

6.2. Shang/Zhou

6.2.1. The social system was made up of aristocrats, soldiers, artisans and craftsmen, and peasants.

7. Economy and trade

7.1. Sumerians

7.1.1. The ancient Sumerian economy was based on Agriculture.

7.2. Shang/Zhou

7.2.1. Shang and Zhou economies were based on Agriculture and fishing.