7 Aspects of Civilazation

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7 Aspects of Civilazation by Mind Map: 7 Aspects of Civilazation

1. Economy and Trade

1.1. Sumerians

1.1.1. Lacked raw materials so they had to obtain them by trade

1.1.2. Traded all across Southwest Asia

1.1.3. Traded textiles for

1.1.4. Trade introduced the hierarchy

1.2. Shang/Zhou

1.2.1. Traded crafted goods

1.2.2. had trading shops

1.2.3. Zhou introduced coins to trade

1.2.4. learned how to use iron

1.3. Zhou coins

2. Arts and Education

2.1. Sumerians

2.1.1. Architecture includes arches, ramps, and columns

2.1.2. Large sculptures with wide open eyes

2.1.3. Small ivory statues

2.1.4. Most famous work of arts are the cylinder seals

2.2. Sumerian Columns

2.3. Shang/Zhou

2.3.1. Created text that were inscribed on bones

2.3.2. Used Minerals to craft

2.3.3. Began to add miniature models of people into their tombs

2.3.4. They had ritual symbols

2.4. Shang bronze pot

3. religion

3.1. religious artifact

3.2. Sumerians

3.2.1. Practiced polytheism

3.2.2. Built ziggurats and temples

3.2.3. Believed gods were like powerful humans

3.2.4. Priests held high status because of their importance

3.3. Sumerian Ziggurat

3.4. Shang/Zhou

3.4.1. The court preformed rituals that were meant to strengthen and protect the kingdom

3.4.2. The shang believed the king would need a servants and riches in the afterlife

3.4.3. They put valuable items made out of jade, bronze or gold

3.4.4. The remains of hundreds of prisoners of war were also put in the tomb

4. Government and Leaders

4.1. Sumerians

4.1.1. Originally, priests held a higher status than most others due to being speakers of the gods

4.1.2. Had kings rule over city-states

4.1.3. Kings joined city-states to from dynasties

4.1.4. Kings served as the gods' chief representatives

4.2. Shang/Zhou

4.2.1. Shang was ruled by a strong monarchy

4.2.2. Shang kings were surrounded by a court.

4.2.3. The Zhou used the mandate of heaven, stated that the gods would support a just and fair ruler and would not allow a corrupt ruler.

4.2.4. King appointed governors

4.3. Shang Leader

5. Science and Technology

5.1. Sumerians

5.1.1. Invented the wheel for pottery and vehicles

5.1.2. Invented the plow

5.1.3. Built sewers

5.1.4. Learned to use bronze to make better tools and weapons

5.2. Sumerian Bronze dagger

5.3. Shang/Zhou

5.3.1. Skilled with bone, jade, ceramics, stone, wood, shells, and bronze crafting

5.3.2. Created a Calendar based on the moon cycle

5.3.3. Created bronze cookware

5.3.4. Began the use of chopsticks

5.3.5. invented the catapult

5.3.6. Built roads and canals

5.4. first chopsticks

6. Social Structure and Family Life

6.1. Sumerian Hierarchy

6.2. Shang/Zhou

6.2.1. There were slaves

6.2.2. They were an isolated community

6.2.3. Women raise children

6.2.4. Men farmed and Protected

6.3. Sumerians

6.3.1. Men got higher roles in society

6.3.2. Women took care of children

6.3.3. Men worked on farming

6.3.4. Hierarchy based around trade and religious leader positions

7. Geography and Agriculture

7.1. Sumerians

7.1.1. Lived in between Tigris and Euphrates rivers, on the west coast of the Persian Gulf

7.1.2. Located in the Fertile Crecent

7.1.3. Grew wheat and barley

7.1.4. Rivers flooding left behind silt which enriched the soil

7.2. Shang/Zhou

7.2.1. Began to live on farms

7.2.2. Located in the Yellow River Valley

7.2.3. Grew Millet, Wheat, Barley, and Rice

7.2.4. Domesticated Pigs, Sheep, Dogs, Oxen, and silkworms