Food coloring

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Food coloring by Mind Map: Food coloring

1. natural

1.1. home-made food dyes

1.2. How to make natural food coloring?

1.3. safe natural food dyes

1.4. natural color list

2. artificial

2.1. synthetic food dyes

2.2. danger of artificial dyes

2.3. toxic food dyes

2.4. truth about artificial food coloring

2.5. artificial dyes approved for food use

3. general questions

3.1. What is food coloring/food dyes?

3.2. Are food dyes safe?

3.3. Is food coloring bad for you?

4. risks

4.1. hidden health risks of food dyes

4.2. food dyes change children’s behavior

4.3. food dyes cause ADHD

4.4. food coloring may cause cancer

4.5. food dye allergies