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1. Assessment:A summative assessment will be the student’s quick write. I will be able to read answers from all students and assess whether or not each student was able to successfully use their secondary sources as evidence to support their ideas/opinions.

1.1. Teacher will assign two secondary sources about the United States dropping two atomic bombs on Japan.

1.2. Students will read and annotate their secondary sources independently. They are looking for evidence that will support their opinion on whether or not bombing Japan during WWII can be justified.

2. Bombing Japan

2.1. Students will analyze the United States reasons to bomb Japan and how this act affected the war, civilians, and policy.

2.1.1. Assessment: The mini debate will serve as a formal formative assessment. Students will be expressing their opinion so there is no right or wrong answer, but they do need to provide evidence by citing their reading or the image “Mushroom Cloud.”

3. Blitzkrieg Attacks

3.1. Students will learn Germany’s reasons/justifications for creating war in Europe by analyzing different primary sources.

3.1.1. Assessment: class discussion about the three primary sources will assess student gained knowledge of the source. This assessment will also test their critical thinking skills because students are encouraged to look at sources through a different perspective.  Students are assessed by participating in the class discussion and providing distinct points of view. Students will be provided three different primary sources.

3.1.2. The students created slide will serve as a summative assessment. Through the side I will be able to determine if students understood the ideas of sourcing, conceptualizing, and corroborating. I will be grading for content and the primary source students choose to analyze. More importantly, I will check to see if students were critical when analyzing their own source.


4.1. Students will analyze the causes and effects of the genocide led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis towards Jews and other minorities in Europe.

4.1.1. Assessment: Students will answer discussion questions with a partner and then with the rest of the class. Teacher gives a lectures on the Holocaust, specifically on the steps taken to create genocide. Students will complete provided guided notes and vocabulary terms. Students answer critical thinking questions and have a discussion with their classmates.

4.1.2. Assessment: Students will write an exit slip predicitng whether or not an event similar to the Holocaust is possible today, students will use the characteristics of genocide to determine their answers.

5. Japanese Involvement in World War II

5.1. Students will learn and discuss Japan’s involvement in World War II, specifically their attack on Pearl Harbor and the repercussions that came about. Students will participate in Four Corners citing different readings provided in class.

5.1.1. Formative Assessment: While students are working in groups, I will walk around and assess their conversations. I will check for understanding during group work and guide discussions.

5.1.2. Summative Assessment: exit slip will be a summative assessment where all students can write their responses if they did not get to speak during the 4 corners activity.