World War II Digital Unit Plan

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World War II Digital Unit Plan by Mind Map: World War II Digital Unit Plan

1. Lesson 1: Leaders and Countries (Lecture)

1.1. Instructional Objective: Students will be able to identify the six key figures of the Second World War (Roosevelt, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito) as well as the countries to which these leaders belong (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan).

1.2. Formative Assessment: Students will work in pairs to complete a graphic organizer. This graphic organizer will require students to list specific characteristics of each key figure.

1.2.1. Summative Assessment: Students will compose an analytical essay (one page in length) about the total cost of the Second World War. In order to effectively complete this assessment, students will have to draw upon evidence to support their claims (such as specific leaders, events, countries, etc.). This will take place at the end of the unit, and students will compose their responses in class.

1.3. Teacher Activities: The teacher will first introduce the topic to the students by drawing a comparison between pop culture and the Second World War. After students have been introduced to the new unit, as well as the specific objective of the lesson, the teacher will begin a lecture presentation (with guided notes). The lecture is composed of a power point presentation and guided notes, and students will be given certain discussion questions throughout the lecture. Once this lecture has been delivered, the teacher will divide students into pairs, hand out the circle diagram worksheet, and instruct students to work together to complete the worksheet. While students are working, the teacher will walk around the class to monitor progress and check for understanding. The teacher will reconvene the class after an appropriate amount of time (10-15 minutes), and will then facilitate a classroom discussion about the content of the worksheet. Finally, the teacher will have the students write their own exit slips, and will collect these from students as they leave class.

1.3.1. Student Activities: Students will participate in a short class discussion, facilitated by the teacher, about the relevance of World War Two in pop culture; students will raise their hands when prompted by the teacher and give verbal responses. Next, students will participate in the lecture by filling out their guided notes, as well as answering the discussion questions prompted by the teacher and guided notes worksheet; students will answer these in verbal and written form accordingly. Once the guided notes have been completed, students will then pair up with a partner and work together to complete the circle diagram worksheet; students will have to collaborate with their partner, as well as write characteristics about each key figure. After working for an appropriate amount of time, students will then participate in a class discussion about the themes and concepts of the lesson, where they will receive and answer verbal questions posed by the teacher. Before students leave class, they will create and answer their own exit slips using scrap paper and questions given by the teacher; students hand these exit slips to the teacher on their way out of class.