Dell Inspiron 600m notebook

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Dell Inspiron 600m notebook by Mind Map: Dell Inspiron 600m notebook

1. Intel microprocessor

1.1. Intel factory in Costa Rica

1.2. Intel factory in China

1.3. Intel factory in the Philippines

1.4. Intel factory in Malaysia

2. memory

2.1. Korean-owned factory in Korea (Samsung)

2.2. Taiwanese-owned factory in Taiwan (Nanya)

2.3. German-owned factory in Germany (Infineon)

2.4. Japanese-owned factory in Japan (Elpida)

3. graphics card

3.1. Taiwanese-own factory in China (MSI)

4. cooling fan

4.1. Taiwanese-owned factory in Taiwan (CCI)

4.2. Taiwanese-owned factory in Taiwan (Auras)

5. motherboard

5.1. Korean-owned factory in Shanghai (Samsung)

5.2. Taiwanese-owned factory in Shanghai (Compal)

5.3. Taiwanese-owned factory in Shanghai (Winstron)

6. keyboard

6.1. Japanese-owned factory in Tainjin, China (Alps)

6.2. Taiwanese-owned factory in Shenzen, China (Sunrex)

6.3. Taiwanese-owned factory in Suzhou, China (Darfon)

7. wireless card

7.1. American-owned factory in China (Agere)

7.2. American-owned factory in Malaysia (Arrow)

7.3. Taiwanese-owned factory in Taiwan (Askey or Gemtek)

7.4. Chinese factory (USI)

8. modem

8.1. Taiwanese-owned factory in China (Asustek or Liteon)

8.2. Chinese-run company in China (Foxconn)

9. battery

9.1. American-owned factory in Malaysia (Motorola)

9.2. Japanese-owned factory in Mexico, Malaysia or China (Sanyo)

9.3. South Korean or Taiwanese factory (SDI or Simplo)

10. hard disk drive

10.1. American-owned factory in Singapore (Seagate)

10.2. Japanese-owned factory in Thailand (Hitachi or Fujitsu)

10.3. Japanese-owned factory in the Philippines (Toshiba)

11. CD/DVD drive

11.1. South Korean-owned factory in Indonesia and The Philippines (Samsung)

11.2. Japanese-owned factory in China or Malaysia (NEC)

11.3. Japanese-owned factory in Indonesia, China or Malaysia (TEAC)

11.4. Japanese-owned factory in China (Sony)

12. LCD display

12.1. South Korean factory (Samsung, LG or Philips)

12.2. Japanese factory (Toshiba or Sharp

12.3. Taiwanese factory (Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Hannstar Display or AU Optronics)

13. Carrying bag

13.1. Irish-owned company in China (Tenba)

13.2. American-owned company in China (Targus, Samsonite or Pacific Design)

14. Removable memory stick

14.1. Israeli-owned company in Israel (M-System)

14.2. American-owned factory in Malaysia (Smart Modular)

15. Power adapter

15.1. Thai-owned factory in Thailand (Delta)

15.2. Taiwanese-owned factory in China (Liteon)

15.3. Korean-owned factory in China (Samsung)

15.4. American-owned factory in China (Mobility)

16. Power cord

16.1. British-owned company with factories in China, Malaysia or India (Volex)