An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls by Mind Map: An Inspector Calls

1. Gerald was next, after a long, dull day at work Gerald happened to come across Eva in a bar and felt sorry for her knowing she didn't deserve to be in the position she was in. knowing this Gerald approached Eva and offered her a place to stay and money to tie her over until she was back on her feet. Gerald's feelings towards Eva grew and although he may have  of been other only cared about Eva he had to let her go as he was to stay loyal to Shelia.

2. Eric  and Mrs berling were next to encounter Eva first Eric, he also saw her in a bar and approached her and his feelings grew towards her and he impregnated her and his child died along with Eva. Mrs birling was next, she encountered Eva when she was most vulnerable. Eva approached Mrs Birling's charity committee and begged them to help her . but, with no remorse Mrs birling denied her that and gave her the final push with lead her to commit suicide.

3. The inspector one by one interrogates each character finding out information as to how they link in to the death of Eva Smith.

4. Later, it's revealed that Goole isn't an Inspector at all and the suicide hasn't happened yet. The Birlings go back to normal. Then the real Inspector comes to say that the suicide has just happened.

5. The inspector eventually brings light to each character that he knows more than they think about the relations of each character and Eva. Shelia and Eric are remorseful of their actions towards Eva but the rest of the characters still feel as if theyr not responsible at all and that they are not in the wrong at all.

6. Girl by the name of Eva Smith kills herself in the infirmary.

7. Mr. Birling, Shelia, Mrs Birling, Gerald, and Eric are all somehow involved in the death or Eva Smith but it is not clear how until further on into the play.

8. Sheila was next to tempt Eva into suicide. She insisted that Eva was fired from her job at Milwards just because she was jealous of Eva's looks and because she was paranoid that she was mocking her.

9. Mr Birling was first to start the chain of events in which lead Eva to suicide. he discharged Eva from his factory for fighting for more of a fair pay.