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#HCSM 01-09-11 by Mind Map: #HCSM
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#HCSM 01-09-11

T1: Milestones & Victories


Early adopters community is broad spectrum (@GailZahtz), Healthcare providers, Patients, Stakeholders, Caregivers, Patient Advocates

Shift of HCSM from marginal to central

Growing # of HCSM chat participants

Realization of peripheral impacts of HCSM, Mobile, Literacy, Global, Activism, Advocacy

Special purpose, Crisis & disaster communications, Clinical trial information accessible via SocMed, Hard-to-reach communities, Rural health, Homebound, Young adults

More awareness of privacy, in apps & platforms, in best practices, means HCSM less risky, more appropriate, more useful

Specifics, Shift from "from shiny toy to lets make meaning happen" (@mindofandre), "communicating, crowdsourcing and new channels of knowledge (CCC)" @eQHealth


Emergence of the e-patient

Growth of patient communities, Diabetes, Cancer, Autism, Rare diseases, Niche communities on almost any condition

New kinds of connections between patients, Peer to peer, International / global


More engagement, Healthcare providers, MDchat, RNchat, RDchat, Education, Courses, Faculty, Mayo: MCCSM, Med schools, Hospitals, Marketing, Outreach, Patient education, Patient support / behavior mod

Benefits to healthcare providers, Peer to peer, Meet new colleagues, Partner across professional boundaries easily, Find mentors, Generosity / sharing, Patient recruitment, Patient education

Trusted for reporting out from:, Professional conferences, ePatient meetings, Association events, Television shows (like death & dying on PBS), Campus presentations

Representation of HCSM in professional roles, Conference presentations, Grants, Publications in peer-reviewed journals, Recognition of need for guidelines, AMA, FDA, Hospitals

Provider-patient communication, Patient as partners, Decision making, Research, Communication, Valued information source, More docs recognize patient impact of HCSM, Outreach, Patient education

T2: Game Changers

Patient self-advocacy

Examples, Locate transplant donor, Crowdsource answers to health questions

Information, Information seeking, Information sharing, Beyond dissemation, Interpretation, Significance, Comparisons, Context


Community to support new HCSM users

Knowledge / expertise sharing

Enterprise social media

Use builds competencies within organizations


Learning communities w/in organization

Professional societies engaging

Reduce or eliminate traditional marketing


Mobile health, Tablets & smartphones, 3/4G, Cheaper smartphones, Clinical apps, MobLibMed, Librarians collect apps, Link set

Video calls, Skype, FaceTime

Integration of services

Convergence of tech


Warning letters

Pharma increasing hesitancy to engage

Professional acknowledgement

AMA guidelines


Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media (MCCSM)

Pfizer handbook

Tufts course

T3: What Hasn't Changed?


Hospitals not wired

Hospitals block SocMed

Digital divide

HIPAA education

Net neutrality


HCSM "experts" who aren't credible to HCSM community

Lack of engagement in some communities