Courtney Stewart

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Courtney Stewart by Mind Map: Courtney Stewart

1. Career Interests

1.1. Investigative: 55% Match

1.2. Social: 40% Match

1.3. Artistic: 10% Match

1.4. Best Jobs for me are Human Services, Health Sciences, Science, technology, mathematics and engineering.

2. Emotional Intelligence

2.1. High Emotional Intelligence: Shows that I have a strong drive to achieve my goals, and will over come any adversities life throws at me to achieve my goals. I have to work on stopping my busy days sometimes to reflect on my days and what I need to accomplish.

3. Successful Intelligence

3.1. Analytical Thinking Skills: 35

3.2. Creative Thinking Skills: 36

3.3. Practical Thinking Skills: 37

3.4. Overall my scores are pretty close together, but my practical thinking skills is my strongest area. This means that I always finish what I start, and I am a go getting type of person.

4. Multiple Pathways to Learning

4.1. Highest Qualities:

4.1.1. Visual Spacial: Use Maps Easily, draws pictures and sees pictures when thinking of new ideas

4.1.2. Intrapersonal: Needs quiet time to think, and I am interested in self-improvement.

4.1.3. Naturalistic: I like to think about things. ideas or people fit into categories, and I enjoy studying plants and animals.

4.2. Lowest Qualities:

4.2.1. Verbal-Linguistic: I do not like to read or write

4.2.2. Interpersonal: I do not like doing projects with other people.

5. Personality Spectrum

5.1. Highest:

5.1.1. Giver; Score 24

5.1.2. This means that I am Emotional, caring, sociable and trusting.

5.2. Lowest:

5.2.1. Thinker; Score 12

5.2.2. This means I am not technical, scientific, mathematical or analytical.

6. Building Excellence Assesment

6.1. Psychological Elements

6.1.1. I am an integrated global thinker

6.1.2. I am as much reflective as I am impulsive

6.2. Environmental Elements

6.2.1. I study best in quiet areas

6.2.2. I study best in low and natural light

6.2.3. I like cool temperatures

6.2.4. I study best in formal seating

7. Preferred Study Strategies

7.1. Visual Spacial:

7.1.1. I draw mind maps, develop graphic organizers and use color in my notes for organization.

7.2. Intrapersonal:

7.2.1. Keeps a journal, studies in quiet areas and imagine essays and experiments before starting them

8. Preferred Teaching Styles

8.1. Visual Focus

8.1.1. Instructor uses visual element like power-points and drawings.

8.2. Logical Presentations

8.2.1. Instructor puts presentation in an organize, logical order.

9. Values

9.1. I believe in being a good person and treating people the way I want to be treated is the best way to be successful. Keeping my health and soul in check is crucial so be a successful person and to live life to the fullest.

10. Interests

10.1. I like to swim and stay well rounded. I love playing guitar and listening to different music. I also love hanging out with my friends and team mates, and spending quality time with my family.