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Spartan Up by Mind Map: Spartan Up

1. 2 Keys to 1%

1.1. Take the Cookie Later

1.1.1. Ability to delay gratification In Spartan world gratification must be delayed in order to get success Don't take the cookie first - even for the smallest task like putting your dish in the dishwasher Most successful people are the ones who tough it out not the smartest ones

1.2. Ability to constantly change your frame of reference

2. Develop Obstacle immunity

2.1. Ability to stay calm in face of any obstacles that come your way

2.1.1. Ability to stay calm in fight or flight situations

2.2. How to develop immunity

2.2.1. TO expose yourself to the thing you want to immunize yourself against

2.3. Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our conditions

2.4. Stoics believed that the greatest obstacle is not pain or suffering but cowardice.

2.5. Michael Phelp's Coach - Bob bowman used to tell him

2.5.1. "greatest challenge will be unforeseen obstacles"

3. A Spartan's Soul Food

3.1. Grit is soul food

3.2. Grit is developed like a muscle

4. One Bite at a time

4.1. The way to get through anything mentally challenging is to take it a little at a time

4.2. Compartmentalize pain one little chunk at a time.

5. Upside Downside Anaylsis of every action

5.1. Whats the Upside?

5.2. Whats the downside?

6. First Response to a Challenge?

6.1. For a Spartan, the first response to a challenge is not can or can not.

6.1.1. It's do or do not. For Spartan - Its always DO