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Customer experience by Mind Map: Customer experience
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5

Customer experience

Woot store

Affiliate products

Ask to buy clearance items


Training packages, CR

Email subscription list

100% voluntary

Our products

Digital products, 50% off, Our stuff, Affiliate products, Jeff Cooper, Insane low price - 3.99

Training with CR

Books, Marks book, Kathys book

Memberships, 1 year upgrade


Shows when sold out

Blog page

Static HTML

Other products


Steam store

No putting in card info


"Blog" site

Communication with customers


Survey monkey, Get pro version

Best way is asking them to type something in

Don't lead people with questions

Randomize questions

Reading stuff typed in

Could put together focus group


Track retention

Josh - resurrecting dead ends

Figure out how many members we lose

By year



How long have people Been members?

Membership length rewards "veteran"

Goal: increase retention

"Retention Funnel"

Audible style deal offers, First offer - free products, Second offer - free products, Third offer - discount, Fourth offer - free silver

Community building

Member of the month

Sales funnel


101 course

Free intro

Send to your friend

Should I carry?

Why do I need a gun?

Model: axe dating site

Seo value, leadgen for ccr

Book club

Zach teach a lesson



Paine common sense


"banned" books - they don't want you to read

Heroes of our rights

History of the 2nd amendment

Weekly giveaway

In ccr

Each week, offer 1 entry for each contact you recommend

Give away something new


Sign up friends for CCR, Level based rewards, Level 1 - 5 free reports, Level 2 - 5 more reports, Level 3 - paid product, Level 4 - free silver membership, Sweepstakes, Each contact submitted enters them once, New prize each week

Regular store


Affiliate deals

Blackhawk, 511, etc

Drop ship

5% cut

Different page for each manufacturer

Model after amazon stores ( I think)

We process order, they fulfill

Easy Button, Luckygunner, $15 off for 200 or more - we get $10 commission

Membership Level

Platinum, Free 2 day shipping, Just 3.99 1 day shipping

USCCA meetups

Concealed carry convention

Invite vendors to sell products

Raffle orizes

Tell stories


Usability report

Change "downloads" to magazine link

Product testing


New node


Send packet pointing to review site for bonus offer, Fill out quick survey/ testimonial for bonus, Bring sale back to dealer - coupon, Possible affiliate comm


Within 1-6 months, we sell the product in Woot store, We have built in testimonials from members


Get product in hands - members

Companies, Review, Free advertising in cc report, cc mag

Get free products

Have efficient system for drawing who gets them

Efficient system for collecting evaluation forms

Efficient system for letting people know we are getting these done

Efficient process for getting companies mentioned in cc report

Process for getting companies in cc magazine

Process for collecting/soliciting companies

Send CCR - 1/28/2011

Map out whole plan - 2/11/2011


Weekly product highlight, Plat members are enjoying now, Click here to upgrade to platinum

If you have a product you'd like us to test, submit here.

Product Testing Page

Show history of products we've tested

If you have a

Reciprocity App

Contact don

Backend still there

Contact LR smith

Compensation agreement

Free report development

Broadcast on handgun taxonomy

Contact CR, ask who wrote other

Contact him about payment

Pay him

Format it

Post new one to site

Post, do disabled, send email

Daniel copyright

Long term - make sure we are sending one every month

Forum Guy


Take him from where he is to super moderator

Increase forum permissions - all forums as moderater

Send pat email when done

Change his title to forum administrator


Yahoo answers


Vbulletin, Build Custom Plugin, Find Possible plugin, Forum Discussion

Presentation - 2/11/2011

Rate on ease of implementation


Talk to programmers

Rate member experience gain / possible money

Rate which has most net gain

Feb 11th

Visuals, Brian

Money guessing, Pat

Member surveys, Forum polls

Membership experience director

Email members when magazine comes out

Silver membership service delivery channel

Magazine delivery

New reports

Tell membership experience stories

Website usability firm

Welcome Kit

Referral Program

Membership Status


Free 1 Day Shipping

Intro tour

Read an article

Post on the forum welcome topic

Unlock a bonus prize

Video welcome from tim

Concealed Carry University

Member Benefits Page


Digg Site

Firearms Review Site


Rating System, New node



Download Page system

New node