My plans for Sembreak

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My plans for Sembreak by Mind Map: My plans for Sembreak

1. Eat and Become fat

2. Go Jogging  with my cousin

3. Sleep

4. Watch Scary movies with my Kuya and Cousins

4.1. for fun

5. Help in households choirs

5.1. clean the dishes

5.2. do the laundry

5.3. sweep the flloor

6. bonding with my BestFriends

7. Spend quality time with family

7.1. Go shopping

7.2. attend mass every sunday

7.3. watch movies together

7.4. eat in some restaurants

8. Celebrate halloween

8.1. wear halloween costumes

9. Visit Lola and Lolo with my Relatives and family

10. Enjoy the sembreak

11. Watch television and play computer PUYAT is real

12. facebook EVERYDAY

13. watch in youtube