Seven Aspects of Civilization

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Seven Aspects of Civilization by Mind Map: Seven Aspects of Civilization

1. Shang-zhou map

1.1. Shang-Zhou art

1.2. Shang-Zhou religious artifact

1.2.1. Shang-Zhou technology

2. Geography and Agriculture

2.1. Shang-Zhou

2.1.1. Rivers, fertile soil, temperate climates, isolated valleys, started growing crops 9,000 years ago, dynasty known as the Xia, Shang dynasty formed 1766 BC

2.2. Sumeria

2.2.1. Fertile land, Southwest Asia, Fertile Crescent, Tigris and Euphrates river, helped first civilization

3. Religion

3.1. Shang-Zhou

3.1.1. Tombs contained bronze and jade, sacrificed prisoners, believe in the afterlife, prepared rituals, asked ancestors for advice, confucianism 550 BC

3.2. Sumeria

3.2.1. Polytheism, worshiped many gods, god controls all natural forces, Enlil- air and storm, god protected each city-state, gods are like humans

4. Government and Leaders

4.1. Shang-Zhou

4.1.1. Kings are surrounded by a court, mandate of heaven, dynastic cycle, monarchy, large army for preventing rebellions

4.2. Sumeria

4.2.1. Priest have a high status, warchiefs began to rule as kings, they also served as the gods chief representative.

5. Social Structure and Family

5.1. Spent most time in fields, sometimes farmers were called upon to fight in the army or work alongside slaves on building projects such as tombs, palaces, or wall, elite had time to hunt for sport and collect expensive objects made from jade and bronze

5.2. Shang-Zhou

5.3. Sumeria

5.3.1. Priests and kings have the highest status, below that were the rich people then at the bottom were the rest of the people, men held political power and women took care of the house and kids,

6. Science and Technology

6.1. Shang-Zhou

6.1.1. Made big advancements with bronze, and iron. Created the catapult to defend themselves against enemies.

6.2. Sumeria

6.2.1. Invented the wheel, which lead to them creating vehicles. Made advancements with bronze. Built sewers and the plow to help with farming. Also made medical advancements, even performed basic surgery.

7. Economy and Trade

7.1. Shang-Zhou

7.1.1. Zhou learned how to use iron which became the backbone of the economy and they also introduced coins, created the first money system.

7.2. Sumeria

7.2.1. Would trape wood and metals, exchanged woven textiles for metals, timber, and stone

8. Arts and Education

8.1. Shang-Zhou

8.1.1. writing was tied to the use of bones, Shang texts used pictures and symbols, advances in bronze for vessels and objects used for rituals

8.2. Sumeria

8.2.1. Math is based on the number 60 and geometry was used for making elaborate structures and irrigation systems. The writing was called cuniform

9. Sumeria map

9.1. Sumeria art

9.2. Sumeria religious artifact

9.2.1. Sumeria technology