British Bulldog

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British Bulldog by Mind Map: British Bulldog

1. There aren't really many skills needed for Bulldog. Only really tackling, unless you're playing the football version and/or the Rugby version. In the football version, you learn ball skills as well, which tend to come in very handy

2. Skills

3. One person is the 'bulldog' and stands in the center of the play area. Everyone lines up at one end of play area. When the bulldog yells, 'British Bulldog', all the players run to the far end of the play area, avoiding the bulldog. To capture someone, the bulldog must lift him completely off the ground long enough to yell, '1, 2, 3, British Bulldog!' He then becomes a bulldog too. The last player caught is the bulldog for the next round.

4. This is a simple and easy warm up game to get your players thinking about tackling. The players will love the competitive nature of this game, for their ability to evade capture.

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