Episode #29: SEO

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Episode #29: SEO by Mind Map: Episode #29: SEO

1. What's New

1.1. Matt

1.1.1. Addicted to http://fiverr.com

1.1.2. Google Support Nightmare

1.1.3. Helping wife with SEO

1.1.4. FINALLY Launching Qanda Forums

1.2. Brandon

1.2.1. We were keynote speakers for a business conference in Florida Thanks Verio Have a video available

1.2.2. Porch Potty Commercial

1.2.3. Getting ready to open our Canadian warehouse (shipwire)

1.2.4. DRENCHED Fitness going well

2. Intro

2.1. Formula

2.1.1. # of links

2.1.2. Authority of links (pagerank)

2.1.3. Relevance of links (Anchor Text & Context)

2.1.4. Other Stuff Social Signals Domain Authority Page Load Speed Clickstream data (???) Velocity of links (how fast are you aquiring)

2.2. Strategy

2.2.1. Fish with a net, not a line & hook

2.2.2. Dominate the first page

2.2.3. Google 66%, Bing 25% (in US) Baidu dominates in China

2.2.4. Keywords What do you want to rank for?

2.2.5. On-site SEO vs. Off-site SEO

2.3. Black Hat vs White Hat

2.3.1. How To Get Banned Cloaking with Malicious/Manipulative Intent Link Acquisition from Known Link Brokers/Sellers Links from the Page to Web Spam Sites/Pages Frequent Server Downtime & Site Inaccessibility Malware on Site Text color is the same as background color

2.3.2. JC Penny Got Banned

2.3.3. BMW Got Banned

2.4. About Google

2.4.1. Google Instant

2.4.2. Universal Search Videos Local News Products

2.4.3. Free vs Paid (AdWords)

3. On Site SEO

3.1. Title & Meta Description

3.1.1. Focus on what will get click thrus

3.1.2. Keywords in the beginning of the title

3.2. Keyword Usage

3.2.1. H1 Tags (large text)

3.2.2. Anchor Text

3.2.3. Beginning of content

3.2.4. Keyword density

3.2.5. in domain name

3.2.6. in url

3.3. Sitemap

3.3.1. Machine Readable Format

3.3.2. Sitemaps errors will cause google/bing to trust your sitemap less

3.3.3. Tells search engines where all the pages are on your site

3.3.4. Types Normal News Video Sitemap

3.4. 301 Redirects

3.4.1. Google won't flow PageRank over 302 (Temporary) & 307 (Temporary) redirects

3.5. instructions to search engines

3.5.1. meta tags noindex tells search engines not to index a page nofollow noodp nosnippet

3.5.2. robots.txt disallow google and other bots from certain pages

3.6. Site Performance

3.6.1. Enable Caching

3.6.2. Use a CDN for images and scripts

3.6.3. Enable gzip compression

3.6.4. Use Google CDN for common scripts

3.6.5. http://CloudFlare.com

3.7. Other factors

3.7.1. Freshness of content

3.7.2. Internal linking structure

3.7.3. Quality Content vs Advertising Content Length Author

3.8. Wordpress

3.8.1. All In One SEO http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

3.8.2. SEO SmartLinks http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seo-automatic-links/

3.8.3. Google XML Sitemaps http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/

3.8.4. Scribe SEO http://scribeseo.com/

3.9. Tools

3.9.1. Bing Webmaster Tools http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmasters/

3.9.2. Google Webmaster Tools https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

3.9.3. IIS SEO Toolkit (Windows only) http://www.iis.net/download/seotoolkit

3.9.4. SeoMoz On-Page Report Card http://pro.seomoz.org/tools/on-page-keyword-optimization

4. Off-Site SEO

4.1. Strategy

4.1.1. No-Follow vs Follow links

4.1.2. High quality, relevant links

4.1.3. PageRank

4.1.4. DomainRank

4.2. Tools

4.2.1. http://opensiteexplorer.org

4.2.2. Raven Tools http://raventools.com

4.2.3. SEOMoz http://seomoz.com

4.2.4. Google Toolbar (PageRank indicator) http://toolbar.google.com/

4.3. Link Building

4.3.1. Submit Your Site Not necessary. Register for webmaster tools instead

4.3.2. Directories DMOZ http://dmoz.org Yahoo Directory http://dir.yahoo.com Best Of The Web http://botw.org

4.3.3. Profiles http://knowem.com

4.3.4. Press Releases PRWeb PRLog PRNewswire

4.3.5. Blogs You might have to email or pickup the phone to get a link

4.3.6. Review Sites Send your product to review sites

4.3.7. Competitor Research Site Explorer

4.3.8. Trending and Momentum Google is watching how fast you're adding links .. be consistent if you want to stay relevant

4.4. Registration

4.4.1. How old is your domain

4.4.2. How long is it registered for

4.5. Profile Linking

4.5.1. Use rel="me" links to link your profiles together

5. Keyword Research

5.1. Finding Keywords

5.1.1. Google Keyword Tool https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal Other Search-based keyword tool is being retired

5.1.2. Wordtracker http://www.wordtracker.com/

5.2. Long-Tail Keywords vs Generic Keywords

5.2.1. Users are getting more specific

5.2.2. Google Instant is suggesting longer keyword phrases

5.3. Testing Keywords

5.3.1. See how keywords perform in AdWords before doing SEO on them

5.4. Keyword Competition

5.4.1. SEOMoz Keyword Difficulty Tool http://www.seomoz.org/keyword-difficulty

5.5. Keyword Mutations

5.5.1. We don't spell so gud

5.5.2. http://adlab.msn.com/Keyword-Mutation-Detection/

5.5.3. Need to target misspellings may be reduced by instant search/auto-suggest

5.6. Entity Categories

5.6.1. Permutations of entities (Product, Condition, Location, etc)

5.6.2. Examples Speech Therapy Beverly Hills Speech Therapy Los Angeles Speech Pathologist Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Speech Pathologist Oral Motor Therapy Los Angeles

5.7. Search Intent

5.7.1. Navigational

5.7.2. Information

5.7.3. Research

5.7.4. Review

5.7.5. Buy

5.8. Commercial Intent of Keywords

5.8.1. Microsoft AdLabs Commercial Intent http://adlab.msn.com/online-commercial-intention/

5.9. Picking your top Keywords

5.9.1. 1. Your brand

5.9.2. 2. top 10 most relavent keywords

6. Future of SEO

6.1. Personalized Search

6.1.1. No 2 people are going to see the same 10 blue links Test using "porn mode" aka "private browsing mode" in Firefox "Incognito mode" in Chrome "InPrivate Browsing" in IE

6.1.2. Completely Changes the game

6.1.3. Ranking Factors Search History Location Demographics Computer & Browser Type Resolution SOCIAL CONNECTIONS IP Address

6.2. Social Search

6.2.1. Like Buttons

6.2.2. Twitter Follows & Tweets

6.2.3. Google +1

6.2.4. "Suzy" Shared this

6.3. AuthorRank?

6.3.1. Pages ranking because of who wrote the content

6.4. Algorithm Changes

6.4.1. Panda 2011 Vary your inbound anchor text more Article Marketing may not be worth it any longer Use you brand name in your TITLE element Don't add pages to you site just to attract new keyword terms unless it useful or has purpose. No more Link Farms

6.4.2. Caffine 2010

6.4.3. Your ranking will change - so should your strategy

7. SERP Optimization

7.1. Optimizing for click-thru

7.1.1. Page Title

7.1.2. Meta description

7.1.3. Look at click thru in Google Web Mastertools

7.1.4. Does google use clickstream data? definitely on adwords (maybe on organic) Long clicks time spent until next search

7.2. Universal Search

7.2.1. Google Merchant Center

7.2.2. Shopping

7.2.3. News

7.2.4. Images

7.2.5. VIDEO

7.3. Drawing Attention

7.3.1. SERP Modifications Toolbars Norton Anti-virus

7.3.2. Sitelinks with Google Webmaster Tool

7.3.3. Semantic Markup microdata http://schema.org Understood by Google, Bing, Yahoo itemprop, itemscope, itemtype Microformats Google Rich Snippet Embedded information RDF

7.4. Google Instant

7.4.1. Optimizing the suggestions?

8. Conclusion

8.1. Donations

8.1.1. Gregory Henricks $75 Marriage and Family Therapist in Berkeley CA

8.1.2. Tim Hess $50 Bald-Hair-Loss-Cure.com

8.2. Rate on iTunes