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TWC 301 Course Info by Mind Map: TWC 301 Course Info
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TWC 301 Course Info


Rhetorical Knowledge

Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing


Knowledge of Conventions

Course Goals

Become fluent using

Develop stronger editing skills

Broaden my vocabulary use within writing

Discover online tools for writing, editing and learning

C.R.A.P. Design Principles





Copyright, Creative Commons, Etc.

Copyright is a permanent work such as writing or sound or images. It is forbidden to use the copywriter work unless you are the owner

Books, plays, music, dance, movies and pictures can all be copywriter. However idea's cannot be copywriter.

Originally copyright only lasted for 14 years. Now they last forever. Once copyright time is over, it moves into the public domain for free use.

Fair use is used in teaching, news reporting, parody, critical comment. The nature of the work borrowed, the amount borrowed and the commercial impact cannot be effected.

Specific Copyright Rules

Book/Magazine: Up to 1000 words, but not more than 10% of the book or article

Poems: Up to 250 words (or the entire poem if it is less than 250 words.) No more than 3 poems by the same poet. No more than 5 poems from a collection of poetry

Photos/Drawings: Up to 5 graphics or photos from the same person. No more than 15 images from the same collection. Images can not be changed

Video: Up to 3 minutes but no more than 10% of the entire video. The video clip may not be changed in any way

Music: Up to 30 seconds but no more than 10% of sheet music. Up to 30 seconds but no more than 10% of a recording. The music can not be changed in any major way