Plato's Closet Anthony Morerland Campaign Flow

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Plato's Closet Anthony Morerland Campaign Flow by Mind Map: Plato's Closet Anthony Morerland Campaign Flow

1. DRIP: (These are preset messages that will go out to customers set from the time they’ve JOINED the program.)

1.1. Reply YES to join to program

1.1.1. IMPORTANT: To join & claim your Extra Point coupon you MUST reply YES to this text! 5msg/mo. Reply HELP for help, reply stop to cancel msg&data rates may apply

1.2. Only if the person replies YES do they continue to get text messages and become a subscriber

1.2.1. Welcome to the Plato's Closet Loyalty Club! Get 1 Extra Point on UR next visit! Details ~redeem~ 1 Extra Loyalty Point No expiration

1.3. 30 Min

1.3.1. PLEASE VOTE! Was Plato's Closet HOT or NOT? It takes just 5 seconds to VOTE! Click HERE

1.4. 7 Days

1.4.1. Plato's Closet Point keeps giving EXCLUSIVE Offers! ClickHERE to get even more GREAT deals

1.5. 30 Days

1.5.1. Plato's Closet wants to give you a gift on UR Birthday? Reply to this text w/ your birthday using this format for your gift: mm/dd/yyyy

1.5.2. If a customer replies with their Bday they are automatically added to the Bday club on on their Bday the get the following text:

1.5.3. Happy Birthday from Plato's Closet Warwick! Come in by ~date7~ for $5 OFF your purchase of $35 or more! Details: ~redeem~ $5 OFF your purchase of $35 or more 7 Day Expiration

1.6. 50 Days

1.6.1. Follow us on Facebook 2 to get even more news about Plato's Closet Warwick! Facebook:

2. REWARDS (Customers get a  X number of points on every visit when they check-in at the POS. After 20 points they get a text with a coupon.)

2.1. 20 Points

2.1.1. Reward earned @ Plato's Closet Warwick! Coupon: ~redeem~ No Expiration 20% OFF your entire purchase

3. AUTO-ENGAGE: (These messages go out only to customers who have NOT checked-in or earned any points in a specific time frame.)

3.1. 90 Days

3.1.1. Time for a NEW outfit? Come to Plato's Closet Warwick for $5 OFF your purchase of $35! Details ~redeem~ Exp ~date7~ $5 OFF your purchase of $35 or more 7 Day Expiration

3.2. 135 days

3.2.1. Here's an offer from Plato's Closet Warwick: ~redeem~ We'd love 2 see you again soon! Expires: ~date7~ $10 OFF your purchase of $40 or more 7 Day Expiration

3.3. 180 Days

3.3.1. Plato's Closet only wants you to receive texts that are important to you! If you no longer want texts from us reply STOP to this text.

4. Social Media Links:

4.1. Website:

4.2. Facebook:

4.2.1. URL Shortener:

4.3. Facebook Reviews:

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4.4. Instagram:

4.4.1. URL Shortener:

4.5. OptSpot Hot or Not:

4.5.1. URL Shortener:

4.6. Plato's Closet Email Capture:

4.6.1. URL Shortener: