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Human Rights by Mind Map: Human Rights
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Human Rights

Use this mind map as a template when beginning a lesson on human rights, for establishing the existing knowledge and understanding of your students.

Who is entitled to human rights?

Which countries?

Who in those countries?

Do children have human rights?

Which rights apply to who?

How do countries sign up to the human rights declaration?

Which countries signed up originally?

Can more countries sign up now?

Do you think human rights are important?

How are they important to you in your country?

How could they be important to people in other countries too?

When and where did the human rights declaration come from?

What's the story?

Who holds countries to account?

Can you think of any examples of how human rights can protect us?

Can they protect us in work?

Could they protect our right to news and information?

Can they keep us safe?

What does the declaration of human rights look like?

How long are the documents?