How can SL-style VR and mind mapping tools enhance each other?

This map is to collect some ideas and to test map access by multiple users. It may turn into a presentation. It may turn into nothing. SL = Second Life. In Second Life, contact Edmund Broek.

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How can SL-style VR and mind mapping tools enhance each other? by Mind Map: How can SL-style VR and mind mapping tools enhance each other?

1. Obstacles

2. Reasons this whole idea is dumb

3. SL problems and needs that mind mapping tools can solve or satisfy

3.1. Mind mapping tools can structure discussions that get hopelessly confused in a stream of nearby chat messages.

3.2. Mind mapping tools can record group decisions and the reasoning behind them for future reference

4. Far-out ideas, daydreams

4.1. Have structures (buildings, space stations, etc.) in SL that are the mind map. That is, be able to enter into the nodes and move along the arcs.

5. Ways SL can add value to mind mapping tools

5.1. SL-style VR can provide context and community to mind mapping tools.

5.1.1. A scenario: In SL in a room or space there is a large screen that displays a mind map. All participants can see the display and can point at things. There might be a designated mapper or it might be that any participant can update the map.

5.1.2. Mind mapping tools (say, on the web) have no context. The user access the mind map directly and independently. Although it might be possible to set up an associated chat room it would be an add-on, not an organic part of the set-up. Furthermore it would be text-only.

5.1.3. SL-style VR can put the mind mapping tool (say, on a web page) into a context -- a conference room in a library or the bridge of a starship -- in which interaction among participants is organic to the setting and can be much more than mere chat.

5.1.4. Part of the provided context could be resources such as reference material, minutes of previous meetings, etc., available to be accessed by participants during discussions.

5.1.5. Access to the mind map and the resources could be administered by the VR's mechanisms for governing access to the meeting space instead of by several independent mechanisms.

6. Other stuff

7. NB: This map is public, which means whatever you enter here will be visible on the web to whoever has the link.