Tittle:Can you live without phone?

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Tittle:Can you live without phone? by Mind Map: Tittle:Can you live without phone?

1. Introduction

1.1. Techonology

1.1.1. creation of smart phone

1.2. Iphone, Samsung,Asus,Blackberry,pixel

1.3. look small in size

1.3.1. useful and make our life more easy

1.4. benefit

1.5. effect

2. Top 3 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone

2.1. • Instant Communication

2.1.1. being outside,long distance

2.1.2. Texting and calling

2.1.3. With apps like Skype, Facebook, and Snap Chat

2.1.4. You can send photos, instant message, or even video chat.

2.2. • Your Life – Made Easier!

2.2.1. GPS

2.2.2. alarm clock

2.2.3. camera

2.3. • Endless Entertainment

2.3.1. - surfing Internet, check out Facebook, tweet, or post a photo to Instagram

2.3.2. - stream music, take photos, watch videos

2.3.3. YouTube, or even watch full movies on Netflix from your smart phone

3. Effect

3.1. health

3.1.1. Unhealthy lifestyle play online games

3.1.2. accidents

3.1.3. cancer

3.2. creating frictions

3.2.1. bullying

3.3. cheat in exams

3.4. Not focus on study

3.5. Social problem

3.5.1. thief

4. Main idea:  Phone  play a very important role in our life. It is possible to say that people are addicted to the phone, because it provides them with wide opportunities. Therefore, modern people will never survive without it. Why : I choose this because it is a communication tools and also can help us make our business through the internet.