Chapter 1: Integrated Marketing Communication

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Chapter 1: Integrated Marketing Communication by Mind Map: Chapter 1: Integrated Marketing Communication

1. Fundamental Decision

1.1. Targeting

1.2. Positioning

1.2.1. how to make customer remember our product

1.3. Setting Objective

1.3.1. use SMART

1.4. Budgeting

2. Implementation Decision

2.1. Mixing element

2.1.1. how to allocate resources use marcom tools

2.2. Creating message

2.3. Selecting media

2.3.1. choose best media that suit with our budget

2.4. Establish momentum

2.4.1. how frequent we want to advertise our product

3. MarCom Outcome

3.1. Enhancing brand equity

3.1.1. repeat purchasing product

3.2. Affecting behaviour

3.2.1. focus more on satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our brand

4. Program evaluation

4.1. Measuring result

4.1.1. get feedback from cust

4.2. Providing feedback

4.2.1. use questionnaire or complain form

4.3. Taking corrective Action

5. Element in Promotional Mix

5.1. Advertising

5.2. Public Relation

5.3. Sales Promotion

5.4. Oline Marketing

5.5. Direct Marketing

6. Definition: The coordination of the promotional mix element with each other and with other elements of the brand's marketing mix such that all elements speak with one voice

7. 5 key features of IMC

7.1. Start with customer feature or prospect

7.2. Use any form of relevant contact

7.3. Achieve synergy (use single voice)

7.4. Engage relay between brands and customer

7.5. Affect behaviour

8. Obstacle implementing IMC

8.1. Few providers have the skills required to execute

8.2. Mass media campaign easier than Direct-to-customer

8.3. make sure tools consistently executed