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1. Northbridge (Memory Controller Hub) -control / manage CPU

2. CPU

2.1. CPU Registers -store information -Just enough information to operate only

3. Paging system/Virtual Memory

4. Caches

4.1. -L1, L2, L3 -from Static RAM

5. Dynamic RAM

6. Memory Transfer

6.1. Bandwidth -bytes transferes with each clock cycle -represented as 8, 16, 32, 64 bits

7. Synchronous DRAM

7.1. -synchronzed to the bus -for upgrading the speed of memory -the unit is MB/sec

8. Memory that checks itself

8.1. eg: database server Pavity memory

8.1.1. -allow memory to detect error and flag it to tell the CPU not to run it. -cannit fix the error

8.2. eg: database server Error Correcting Code(ECC)

8.2.1. -detects error and fix it -run

9. Multi Channel Memory

9.1. -memory combination should match -memory module slots are often coloured

9.1.1. Single sided memory -one rank/sides/row

9.1.2. Double sided memory -two ranks/sides/rows

10. Memory Latency -CAS(Column Address Strobe/Select -CAS Latency (CL)

10.1. the lower the CL number, the lower the clock cycle thus increase the data transfer.