Brand Yourself Presentation: First Draft   For this assignment, you will create a three- to four-...

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Brand Yourself Presentation: First Draft   For this assignment, you will create a three- to four-minute presentation to pitch yourself to prospective employers as a recent graduate of your degree program. In other words, you will be sharing your personal brand with your audience by Mind Map: Brand Yourself Presentation: First Draft   For this assignment, you will create a three- to four-minute presentation to pitch yourself to prospective employers as a recent graduate of your degree program. In other words, you will be sharing your personal brand with your audience

1. Employers generally want

1.1. Use concrete examples of things you are planning/hoping to do in the next two years at Full Sail and write about them as if you have accomplished them already.

1.1.1. Run as many of events as I can

1.1.2. Be known as a super worker

1.1.3. Well liked and respected

1.1.4. Be known from the hall of fame

1.1.5. Starting to sell my brand on social media

1.1.6. One of the smartest guys working

1.1.7. Physically fit and have a good appearance

1.1.8. Known for a good sense of humor

1.1.9. Knowledge of music

2. Company I wanna join

2.1. What knowledge do you have of the industry you are striving to enter?

2.1.1. Recording Principles

2.1.2. Fundamentals of music

2.1.3. Mixing Techniques

2.1.4. Lighting Concept and Design

2.1.5. Automated Lighting Technology

2.2. What do you see as your next steps in this industry after graduation?

2.2.1. Running sound or lights at a House Of Blues

2.2.2. Look for an opportunities to gain show production experience from other places.

2.3. What qualities/skills does your industry look for?

2.3.1. I will be asking people in the industry to answer this question.

2.4. What types of strategies could you see yourself employing to communicate yourself in your brand?

2.4.1. Free labor for experience

2.5. How will you use these strategies to differentiate yourself from others?

2.5.1. All these characteristics make me unique.

2.5.2. Working for free to show people what I can do.

2.6. In your particular industry, what forms of presentation (visual and oral) are effective?

2.6.1. Face to face discussion with people and having thoughtful questions.

2.7. Of the presentation strategies you observed or learned about this month, which would be the most valuable to you to develop and employ for your specific industry?

2.7.1. A physical presence "HAIL"

3. What type of information is important to the particular group you will be presenting to?

3.1. Events done

3.1.1. WWE

3.1.2. Disney Park Paraides

3.1.3. Golf events

3.1.4. Vans Tour

3.1.5. Student Association Events

3.1.6. Tree House Events

3.2. Why I do what I do

3.2.1. My passion has always been with technology. Since 7th grade I have been very passionate about sound and lighting. I hasn't just been just work, but also excitement and fun to me.

3.2.2. I don't believe someone in my field should be hired until they get a feel of how I work so my first part will me just shadowing and giving advice.

3.3. My qualifications

3.3.1. In Middle school I had a brand new multi million dollar auditorium that I had to learn by myself. After figuring out how that all worked I went to High school figuring out that there was a multi problem auditorium from 1970 with all these electrical issues and building problems.

3.4. What they gain from hiring me

3.4.1. The gain from hiring me is my great ability to woke with others, but also to go out of my job description. When I was hired to do a disney parade for sound a part of a float came off. Since I have had experience of building sets, I got right to it and fixed it before having it shown to the public.

3.5. Recommendations

4. What do you want this audience to do (or think about) after your presentation?

4.1. I want my audience to be astounded. I want them to see I can make their company better and that I can fit into their organization. I want them to understand my capability, but I also want to be humble.

5. Be sure to include the important takeaway from the presentation (STAR: Something They’ll Always Remember)

5.1. Show Production & Tour is a passion, not just a job.

5.1.1. Star moment of learning to not give up from failure in high school, but to look at it as a  learning experience and to further understand new equipment to old.

6. Express why are you doing this presentation and what result you hope to have.

6.1. This presentation is to show how well rounded   and reliable I am.

6.1.1. Ive run a talent show completely by myself.

6.1.2. Volunteer for special events like Relay For Life

6.1.3. Run concerts for disney parks.

7. What tools are you planning to use for this presentation?

7.1. Pictures of my work

7.1.1. Why did you choose these tools over others? I cant be brining most of the tools with me, most are on sight.

7.1.2. Consider the tools needed for your production and presentation delivery phases. Portfolio Youtube links Focus tools iPad examples of what I have done New Inventions and ideas Building managers that understand the venue and the needs Examples of with problems Ive solved. Power Problem Sound Issues

7.2. Power Point

7.3. Videos of my work

7.4. Letters of recommendations

7.5. Invitations to see me work

8. Consider the obstacles you may have during the production and delivery of this presentation.

8.1. What biases or strong feelings will your audience have against your ideas?

8.1.1. HOB may think I am to young this experience to hire me.

8.1.2. HOB may just think I'm there for the money.

8.1.3. This is my first job.

8.2. For instance, are you trying to persuade your audience to do something that is outside their comfort zone or line of business?

8.2.1. Hiring someone right out of college

9. Who is your audience

9.1. House Of Blues managers

9.2. Other employees

10. What is your specialty as you finish your degree?

10.1. My specialty at Full Sail University, Show Production & Tour, has taught me a wide range of skills in lighting and sound, working with industry standard hardware and software.

11. ‣ Referencing your program’s courses, imagine what you will have already done. Consider course descriptions, potential portfolio projects, and goals for projects you want to complete or work on as a student (e.g., your student film or business idea development). You may have gained expertise with industry- specific software, publications, development processes, specific equipment, etc.

11.1. I will include all courses related to show production & Tour, as well as volunteer work and awards.

12. ‣ How are you unique or how will you excel in this industry?

12.1. I have four qualities that will be assets to House Of Blues. First, I have strong technical capabilities and experience with sound and lighting hardware and software. Second, I am a musician, and understand what musicians need for a good show. Third I am a strong team player and problem solver. Finally I work very hard and take a lot of pride in my work.

13. What knowledge/ skills will you have mastered as a result of your education at Full Sail University that will allow you to succeed in the industry?

13.1. My course of study has covered a wide range of sound and lighting technologies including mixing techniques and automated lighting technology. In additional to technical skills I have learned how to work as a team member, solve problems, and brainstorm new improvement.

14. What are your unique interests?

14.1. I like building and tinkering with computers.

14.2. I enjoy researching industry lighting and sound corporations and their products.

14.3. New technology is always interesting to me.