"Brand Yourself"

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"Brand Yourself" by Mind Map: "Brand Yourself"

1. In Crowd-funding they would like incentive to back the project (as in gift for donating a certain amount) and to know what exactly is being made. My goal here is to make a personal investment with my audience and prove myself worth of support.

2. The Studio's would like to know about a success rate of the film & the amount it will take to make. They will want it to be in line with their brand. My goal is to have the Studios willing to invest in me and feel assured that I will make a success.

2.1. Moonbot studios is located in my hometown. They have won 1 Oscar, 4 Emmys, 14 Cannes Lions, 17 Clio awards, and 6 Webby awards. Their mission is : We craft stories for the child in every adult and the adult inside each child. We define the future of storytelling, while inspired by the past. They mostly work in animation. They have a staff of 50 people. They are a fairly new company founded in 2009. They have been rumored to be moving out of Shreveport, Louisiana. There are also rumors of a shut down. Right now they are not hiring but are accepting applications through email. All of the photos of the workplace show a business casual look where polo shirts are paired with jeans.

2.1.1. What I can provide: A fresh and local view. Moonbot studios has started locally but grown recently with outsourcing.Quotes from their employees on their website talk about how integral the close knit creative community of Shreveport has been to their process. As someone who has been a part of that creative community since puberty I offer a unique perspective and one close to home. I have experience with not only film but live theatre which can be utilized in the interactive films they also create. I have taken classes in the area and know the home approach but I also have completed classes at Full Sail that have fine tuned my editing process by introducing me to advanced editing techniques that can have a profound effect upon the mood and pacing of a story and given me a more professional portfolio.

2.2. Other potential is Netflix. This route requires personal backing which would lead to extra pitching. Last year Netflix picked up three indie films from the Sundance Film Festival and is trying to move to more original content to continue to grow and compete with traditional television. The array of material purchased and produced is more varied. From animation to films to tv shows.

3. Keep in Mind: A lot of big studios only work with actors from SAG. Smaller studios would more open actor availability but less money for backing.

4. Pathos: Quentin Tarantino...Spielberg... Not only creators of film, but lovers of film. I started directing as a kid. Although those films never got past my mom's camera and those scripts mostly were written in glitter gel pens. I have a hunger for all things involved in film. Through my schooling at Full Sail I developed skills in critiquing others’ works and in managing critiques with clients. I was originally drawn to this industry from my cousin. She went to school to become an actress and the whole family would come support her. I kept thinking, "I could do that" everytime i was introduced to a new part of the show. "I can do lighting" "I can do sound" "I can do directing" " I can do film" and on and on until I really knew everything I could.

4.1. Logos: in my time at FSU, I not only went through Directing and Producing classes, I Started my own projects, I wrote my own scripts and I created a audeince backing. I am reliable and knowledgeable about producing, storytelling, and visual elements.

4.1.1. Recount: Started as actress and have training in stage and film productions on that end.

5. Audience: The Studio's who will green light my projects and the people who will watch/purchase them (i.e. Crowdfunding).

6. The Beginning ( What Is) I want to create a personal investment with both logical reasons why I'm a good prespect and emotion reasoning to why i can capture audiences.,

6.1. I'm Flexible in creation. The muses I have vary genres and what i would like to create does too.

6.2. Right now Moonbot has a good handle on animation but needs a fresh perspective to continue the growth of their company and give them the backing they need to stay where they were formed or expand.

7. Perception/ Reason for presentation: I want to appear strong in my field and like a secure option, but I also want to convey the heart and dedication that piece will receive from me. I want my audience to be assured that I would never put anything I'm not proud of out to the masses. That I believe in what I produce.

7.1. What is it all about? Moonbot studios needs the ideas that I can provide and the novelty of those ideas.

8. Possibilities For Hesitation: I'm still green and have no big projects under belt..

8.1. Responses:

8.1.1. Being Too Green: The outlook on films are constantly changing and demands for new stories or stories told in new ways are always high.Lot's of great film makers have limited films under their belt. No one would say Tarantino is a green or bad filmmaker and he has only nine movies made. (though worked on more)

8.1.2. No Big Projects: Unknowns are refreshing to audiences. They bring new perspective and I have had work showcased at a local theater in our town which adds to my community appeal.

8.2. I believe the hardest part to this presentation will be balancing being genuine and professional.

9. Middle (What Could Be): I want to provide backing to how my passion , schooling , and home town perspective can help change the future for Moonbot Studios.

9.1. I have an understanding of story development how to asset considerations, nesting video, unique transition creation, compositing, and timeline management along with proper audio placement play key roles in visual storytelling. No frame will be wasted with me. I am also useful as a spring board for ideas and can give a direct insight to the youthful perspective of our community.

10. Ending (Call To Action): I want to relate back to what has made me a crucial and active part of our local community and how i can relate that to the moonbot commuity

10.1. STAR: The first film i created was inspired by a stream of suicides and excessive bullying happening at my highschool. The highschool most of the documentary was filmed at in 20 minutes away from Moonbot. The local theater i premiered it at is in walking distance from Moonbot. No amount of outsourcing will give them the passion for film and home base that i can provide.