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Olympics by Mind Map: Olympics

1. Eddie the Eagle

1.1. "The important thing is not the winning but the taking part." - Pierre de Coubertin

1.1.1. Participating is more important than the result

1.2. "Struggle over the triumph"

1.2.1. Effort

2. The Olympic Charter

2.1. Body, will and mind

2.1.1. Mindset

2.2. Sports are for everyone!

2.3. Olympic philosophy is combining sports with human values to create joy of effort.

2.4. Human values

2.4.1. Fair play

2.4.2. Peace and harmony

2.4.3. Anti discrimination

3. Faster, stronger, higher

3.1. "No holds barred"

4. What motivates athletes?

4.1. Direction, decision, dedication

4.2. The Grind: Work hard through tough times to reach your goal

5. I will row through shit for you, America

5.1. (Too) much negative media coverage

5.1.1. Focus should stay on the sport

5.2. Politics have influence on the Olympic Games

6. Top 10 Olympic Scandals and Tragedies

6.1. The Olympics are much more than sports

6.1.1. Bribery, terror, kidnapping, boycotts, statements...

7. The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936

7.1. The Olympics can be used to do propaganda

7.2. Example of a scandal

7.3. Removing anti-jewish signs, putting on a show