Seth Buckner

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Seth Buckner by Mind Map: Seth Buckner

1. Audience

1.1. Label Owners- Will see me the brand I promote as profitable and they will want to fuel my vision and become a part of what I am trying to accomplish. (The vision is still a work in progress) They will want to be a part of this because I will raise their profit margin with my music and endorsement deals will be birthed because of the fame associated with my name.

1.1.1. A&R Team Artists Studio Owners

1.2. A&R Team-They should be blown away and stunned by my presentation/performance. They will point me in right direction and allow me to network with the individuals in the music industry

1.3. Studio Owners-Will want to record with me and collaborate on projects together. They will need to partner with me to make connections with others.

1.4. Listeners- Will feel connected to my music and  begin to create my fan base. The fans are going to gravitate toward good music.

1.5. Artists-Will want to have me produce their music and record their tracks for them. The best is all the top names in the music industry will demand and I will be atop that list.

2. True Message

2.1. This presentation is a display of myself value and the things I can offer. I am the restaurant and you are customer viewing the menu to see if you want to purchase.

3. S.T.A.R. Moment

3.1. Show a collage of my musical production with videos and vivid pictures.

3.2. Tools will include use of Logic X/Abelton & keynote/Final Cut Pro software modules

3.3. Perhaps buy the employer/business pizza and cupcakes!

4. Flow of Ideas

4.1. I will talk of my upbringing and my call to leadership & achieving peak performance in any aspect of life

4.2. I will evaluate my worth to their company and the additions I can add to their brand

4.3. I will talk to them about the current state of music and what I feel the future holds

4.4. I will speak everything on my mind in regards to my music

4.5. I will speak to them and tell them how a label should be managed

4.6. I will propose how we can put sponsorships in place for the artists themselves to promote their brand/ideas underneath the main umbrella of the record label

5. Obstacles/Things to Overcome

5.1. Fear of Rejection-The fear of putting out music that the public doesn't deem as acceptable or pleasing to the ear. I want to make music that others vouch for and say is "good music".

5.2. Networking- I must make connections with those in the industry that will assist me in my rise. I have to surround myself with those that will oust me forward. Individuals that can open doors for me.

5.3. Isolation from other Producers/Musicians- in the music industry there is a lot of overlap. Ones that rise distinguish themselves from the mosh pit of artists that sound very similar. Being unique and innovative and taking my time and strive for perfection in my production will set me apart.

5.4. Focus- This is the key when it comes to achieving in life. I have implemented a plan in my daily life where all of my minutes are accounted for. Thus achieving maximum progress/output for that day. This will give me small victories/rewards when I accomplish many things. Its psychological. More small achievements will make propel me to gain more of that feeling of success and satisfaction.