Climate Change

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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change

1. Target Group

1.1. Anti-groups/ Denials

1.1.1. They believe that human activity is not the only cause of climate change

1.1.2. Scientific research shows that human activity is actually the primary cause of climate change

2. Effects

2.1. Changing weather

2.1.1. Rising Temperature

2.1.2. Severe storms, floods, and droughts

2.1.3. Hurricanes may increase

2.2. Rising sea levels

2.3. Impacting ecosystems

2.3.1. Migrating animals have to start seeking food sources earlier

2.3.2. Limit the ability of both pollinators and plants to survive and reproduce Food chain

2.4. Impacting people

2.4.1. Infectious diseases

2.4.2. Flooding

2.4.3. Potential loss of property and life

3. What should we do

3.1. Buy energy efficient products

3.2. Conserve energy at home and at work

3.3. Plant trees

3.4. Reduce, reuse and recycle

3.5. ...

4. Aim

4.1. Raise awareness

4.2. Take action, save the world

5. Style

5.1. Info-graphic Animation