How do 1st and 2nd Language Connect?

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How do 1st and 2nd Language Connect? by Mind Map: How do 1st and 2nd Language Connect?

1. Thomas Scovel

1.1. logical critical period

1.1.1. "If the stabilization of an accepted, authentic accent is biologically preprogrammed for baboons and birds, why not for human beings."

2. Jean Piaget

2.1. cognitive side of human development

2.1.1. critical stage with age of second language acquisition, before puberty

3. Robert Dekeyser

3.1. Are children possibly better language learners because they excel in implicit learning?

4. David Ausubel

4.1. rote vs meaningful learning

4.1.1. meaningful learning: anchoring and relating new items and experiences to knowledge that exists in the cognitive framework

5. James Asher

5.1. Total Physical Response

5.1.1. "children, in learning their language, appear to do a lot of listening before they speak, and their listening is accompanied by physical responses.

6. Stephen Krashen

6.1. L2 acquisition was that adults should acquire a second language just as children do

6.1.1. Should be give the opportunity to "pick up" a language and shouldn't be forced to "study" grammar in the classroom

6.2. Natural Approach

6.2.1. delaying production until speech "emerges"

6.2.2. learners should be as relaxed as possible

6.2.3. more communication and less analysis

6.3. Universal Grammar snd the LAD apply equally well to children or adults acquiring a second language

6.4. Monitor Model

6.4.1. 1. the acquisition/ learning hypothesis

6.4.2. 2. the natural order hypothesis

6.4.3. 3. the monitor hypothesis

6.4.4. 4. the input hypothesis

6.4.5. 5. the affective filter hypothesis

7. Noam Chomskey

7.1. Language Acquisition Device