SOS Scrum of Scrums

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SOS Scrum of Scrums by Mind Map: SOS Scrum of Scrums

1. Participants

1.1. Technical Participant (active)  - can vary per meeting based upon the relevant stage of the project

1.1.1. Tester

1.1.2. Programmer

1.1.3. Developer

1.2. Scrum Master (observer)

1.3. SoS Master/Chief Scrum Master (facilitator)

1.4. Chief Product Owner (representing Meta Scrum team)

2. Frequency & Timing

2.1. Option 1: As a daily 15 minute scrum

2.2. Option 2: 2-3 times/week for 30-60 minutes

3. Agenda

3.1. 1. What has your team done since we last met? 2. What will your team do before we meet again? 3. Is anything slowing your team down or getting in their way? 4. Are you about to put something in another team’s way?

3.2. For Option 2 only

3.2.1. Resolve problems and discuss issues on the SoS backlog

3.2.2. update SoS backlog

4. Purpose

4.1. Focus on areas of overlap and integration

4.2. Maintain backlog of issues

4.3. Capture and remove impediments for the larger project

5. Assumptions

5.1. Should be development team focused

5.2. Not a status or scrum master coordination meeting

5.3. SoS does not: 1. Develop backlog (though will maintain  an "issues log" and can agree on a story that should be added to the backlog 2. Coordinate Epics 3. Plan releases 4. Manage releases

5.4. Individual scrum teams are self-organizing.  The SoS will not dictate ways of working/prioritization within the teams

5.5. individual scrum masters report on

5.5.1. velocity

6. Reporting & Admin

6.1. What type of reporting?

6.1.1. SoS risk/issue/impediments log

6.2. Frequency

6.3. Format

6.4. Manage SOW/contractors

7. Other meetings/responsibilities

7.1. Meta Scrum

7.1.1. The Meta Scrum is a virtual team made up of Product Owners that coordinate Epics, product releases and product lines.

7.1.2. Facilitated by the Chief Product Owner

7.2. SoS backlog grooming (for coordination purposes only) - 3 sprint rolling view

7.3. SoS Retrospective

8. Misc

8.1. At team or project level?

8.1.1. Support/Operations Owner

8.1.2. SEM

8.1.3. SDLC

9. Release Management