TWC 301 Course Info

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TWC 301 Course Info by Mind Map: TWC 301 Course Info

1. Virtual Cultures

1.1. rethinking communication

1.1.1. the opportunity to form friendships and relationships that may be perceived as being more difficult to develop in the 'off-line' community

1.1.2. the ability to play with personas

1.1.3. the capacity to circulate new ideas among a group of like-minded people

1.1.4. the chance to find people who share the same interests, however obscure or odd they may appear to others

1.1.5. the search for romantic and sexual relations

1.1.6. the ability for those who feel marginalised or persecuted by society to express views and disseminate opinions, in ways that are not possible through more mainstream media outlets.

1.2. user protection

1.3. internet usage rising

1.3.1. usa as early adopters are most users decline of real world organizations

1.4. social recognition

1.5. online democracy

2. CRAP Principles of Design

2.1. Contrast

2.1.1. control reader's eye

2.1.2. primary and secondary focal points

2.1.3. bold,size,italic,color rhetorically

2.1.4. contrast color

2.1.5. helps organize

2.1.6. use typeface effectively

2.1.7. use small images to contrast larger ones

2.1.8. avoid similarity in design

2.2. Repetition

2.2.1. reuse color, fonts, images from page to page

2.2.2. repetition and variation create sophistication

2.2.3. use consistent labeling styles

2.3. Alignment

2.3.1. choose one alignment and stick to it

2.3.2. avoid centering

2.3.3. move elements away from edges

2.3.4. every thing should have a visual connection

2.3.5. always properly align one thing with another

2.3.6. align elements along hard vertical edges

2.4. Proximity

2.4.1. consider relationship of elements

2.4.2. white space is okay don't fill area just to do so

2.4.3. group related items together

2.4.4. use the white space between images to show the relationships of items