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Things that suck about coding CSS by Mind Map: Things that suck about coding CSS
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Things that suck about coding CSS


Clearing floats

Aligning floats

why do I even need a float for this?

wait, you mean a float in this element actually modifies an adjacant element? what?


Is it the margins? Is it positioning? Is it actually the other element? Did you remember to hit 'save'?

Spending an hour tearing your hair out only to discover you forgot a closing brace halfway through the stylesheet.

If you have to ask for help, make sure you have EVERYTHING standards-compliant first, or the people in #css will be big ole meanies.

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Every browser is a special snowflake

Don't forget to test in IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, Safari, in XP, MacOS, and Linux...look, a monkey


Internet Explorer



Power! Complete power!

And complete power is useless if you don't completely grasp inline elements, block elements, z-indexes, positioning floats, and a great recipe for a martini

Drunk! with.. power!

Why does this need a workaround?

Equal height columns

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