Ghost World (Panel of Enid solely)

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Ghost World (Panel of Enid solely) by Mind Map: Ghost World (Panel of Enid solely)

1. The Shot or Panel

1.1. Distance

1.1.1. Center and Close Up

1.2. Interaction

1.2.1. Point of View (Face of Enid is facing the audience).

1.3. Angle

1.3.1. Low Angle (Enid's face contains most perspective in the panel)

2. Transition

2.1. Subject to Subject

2.1.1. Carrie Vanderburg's sickly state evoking Enid with remembrance of Melorra stating that the female was ill.

2.2. Action to Action

2.2.1. The event of Carrie Vanderburg attempting to get both Rebecca and Enid's attention, then Enid recalling who the sickly individual was that was saying hello to them.

3. Facial Expression

3.1. Emotion Expressed

3.1.1. Shock

3.1.2. Anger

3.1.3. Disgust

3.2. Intensity Scoring

3.2.1. Inner Brow Raiser C: Marked and prounounced

3.2.2. Outer Brow Raiser C: Marked and pronounced

3.2.3. Nostrils flared and dilated C: Marked and prounounced

3.2.4. Eyebrows C: Marked and pronounced, lowered and eyebrows close together to show distress.

3.2.5. Mouth: D: Severe, lowered and contains a "jaw dropping" imagery, teeth detailed and large, shows shock and utterance of dialog.

3.2.6. Brow Slightly Lowered C: Enid's brow is slightly lowered to signify shock, along with having a slight raised brow to represent lack of emotional coping with the event of seeing a sickly individual.

4. Gesture and Posture

4.1. Head

4.1.1. Main Focus of the Panel, darker lines depict outline of the head.

4.2. Eyes

4.2.1. Shows detailed texture of creases underneath eyes, to show distress of the character.

4.3. Hands and Arms

4.3.1. Not present in the panel.

4.4. Posture/Stance

4.4.1. Leaning forward to the audience, tense due to the shock of the event of seeing a sickly character.

5. Natural World

5.1. Earth Objects

5.1.1. Setting is within a restaurant, they are near a window which both Rebecca and Enid recognize the sickly character.

5.2. Atmosphere

5.2.1. Pessimistic, shocking event of realizing a mutual friend is quite ill, the rumors that Melorra provided to both Enid and Rebecca was proven true.

6. The Drawing

6.1. Color Scheme

6.1.1. Black and green pattern scheme presented throughout the graphic novel.

6.1.2. Line Darker lines used to outline Enid's facial expression and the majority of her body, allows the character to become a main component of perspective within the panel.

7. Language

7.1. Dialogue

7.1.1. Enid solely speaking, in a stricken shock of seeing a sickly mutual friend. Provides dialogue that reflects upon how an adolescent would speak in reality.

7.2. Tone

7.2.1. Volume of the speaker is quite loud due to the bold lettering within her speech bubble, Enid is quite shocked by the event of seeing Carrie Vanderburg.