Companies: Audience

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Companies: Audience by Mind Map: Companies: Audience


1.1. I would want to work for this company because of the artists and how it came to be. The CEO left his country but later returned in 2010 after being kicked out of his group. He then made AOMG Entertainment and now is working with many artists inside and outside of South Korea.

2. MKIT Rain

2.1. Independently owned by rappers, Nafla, Loopy, BLOO, and Owen Ovadoz then work in Los Angeles, California. They do work inside and outside of America, like the other two companies, they also work in South Korea.

3. YG Ent

3.1. I want to work with this company because they are one of the top three companies is South Korea, getting into their agency to was as a training idol is the equivalent to getting into Harvard. They're artists are very respected, for example Big Bang.

4. The Beginning: Why?

4.1. I want to work for one of these companies as a Music Producer because music has been apart of my life since day one. Having a father who was constantly in the studio, and a mother that enjoyed to sing I didn't fall far from the tree. I want to make music and make people happy as well as to giving back. I used to play the guitar, and currently learning the keyboard. I enjoy listening to new music and keeping my options broad. As a producer, I want to work with many artists inside and outside of the country. I don't want to stick to one genre either, I want to gain experience in multiple genres in my lifetime. Sitting in front of a computer and creating music isn't a job, its a career I'm passionate about. It's something I want to pursue in life and I will.

4.2. I wanted to be a music producer because I've always admired those who can create different sounds and melodies just from the little jingle in their head. I want to make music that people can listen to and feel safe, comfort and escape onto their own planet. I started writing songs and poems in middle school, mainly to help me cope with the horrible things that happened to me but as I continued to do it I grew to love it. Now, I want to give back. I want to give a voice to the voiceless, I want to be seen as an idol to someone who feels like they have no one. i don't have to get famous, because it's not about the fame. It's about giving back and being a shoulder to lean on when someone needs it.

4.3. I believe that I was born to never fit in. I'm living on cloud 9 constantly and I have no regards as to coming down from it. I enjoy daydreaming, that's where my safe world is and where my creativity is. I write, dance, and create there. I want to make music because from a young age and having mental issues I want to make sure that i pursue the only thing that constantly made me happy. When I turned 18 I cried, not because i was happy but because I was scared. See, my life wasn't that pretty, I've been through a lot and the main thing was having my childhood taken from me. I never planned on my life after 18. I always thought I would finally snap and just end my life, but here I am writing this and giving you a presentation. Music was the reason I stayed here, music gave me a purpose, music gave me my life back. If I never started writing after being influenced by so many artists I wouldn't be here. Now I'm here and I'm happy because music gave me a reason, as well as two important people in my life, Roy and Eric. They were huge influences in my life and I want to make sure their memories are carried on forever through the only way I know how: through music.

5. The Middle: How?

5.1. I went to Full Sail University. I am qualified in composing, songwriting development, music theory and audio workstations. I have my bachelors in music production. I have worked in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Final Cut. I keep up with the latest technology and I adapt to change quite nicely. Knowing my industry with some knowledge I have I know that it is ever changing and we need to come up with ways to stay on top of it. I offer new ideas and I'm always look to gain experience and earn new things.

6. Tools

6.1. The tools I'll be using would have to be samples of my own original work. I would use photographs that help convey my message. Not only that but also powerpoint, or keynote or google slides. I would also be presenting live. I would need my computer and a star moment (something to make them remember me.)

6.2. I would use the powerpoint and samples of my own music over other tools because I want them to have a visual of what I can do as well as to hear what I can do and what I am capable of. By showing them what I can do that would help get my message across and possibly boost my chances on getting the job.

7. Star Moments: Stories

7.1. I would tell them stories about my past and why music is so important to me. For example, I would show them some of my poetry and songs that've written as a child while it was still a coping mechanism. I would point out different artists that have inspired me, I would tell them about my car accident and how that changed me and the only thing that stayed constant was music. I would show them how I've grown and I mean what I say that this is what I want to do with my life. I'm indecisive but music is the only thing that I chose and I never changed my mind on it.

8. My Message

8.1. The message I want to convey is that music is universal, not only universal but also meaningful (if you put the work and effort behind it). With that being said, I want to make sure that my message, "give the voiceless a voice" to hit home. There are many young people who have let go of their dreams all because people have told them they couldn't make it in that industry. I want my audience to know that with all my qualifications and ideas, not only will I learn more about my industry and work but I would help benefit them as a company with my ideas. If all the kids who were singers, rappers, music producers, ect. just stopped trying to go for what they love to do then who are we going to inspire.  I want to inspire the youth, and I hope I can help with that for the companies.

8.2. If we work together, we can make the company stronger. We can help out the youth and even make a change with music. The artists that walk through that door have a chance to make a change. If we really stop and look at how people live and see the community and just give back. It'll be a blessing really. Today's companies and artists have so much power right now and if we don't take advantage of it soon we could lose it forever. My message here is: Take a chance and make a change.

9. The End: What?

9.1. I offer many a new fresh look outlook on the industry and have many areas to grow in. I am young, but I managed to get my bachelors degree in music by the time I was 20. I can relate and see what trends there are, I have the knowledge and dedication for this industry. I'm ambitious as well as I am passionate.

10. Things I want my audience to think about: Information I will present.

10.1. The information I would present to them would have to be my achievements in my industry. I would show them who I REALLY am, I would make sure they know what I did at Full Sail and how good I did in my classes. I would again let them in on my personal life and my journey to school and making it in this cutting edge industry. I want them to know that even though I am young, I still don't know much but I can help them and they can help me as well when it comes to growing.

11. Obstecles

11.1. Now I know I'll face some doubts and hurdles when it comes to branding myself. One way I could overcome these obstacles is repetitions. I would continuously remind them about how my ideas with their help could benefit the company as a whole as well as for myself.

11.2. Another way I could overcome these doubts is to make sure I stand out. I would d my best to be myself the whole time, I would make a couple jokes, and make them feel like we're having a conversation and that I'm a friend instead of someone who is trying to get a job. I wouldn't make them feel  like they're just sitting in an office listening to me rant on why they should choose me.

11.3. Maybe I could tell them how music i could benefit them. Even just staying very humble. I would tell them that this is an opportunity for me to jumpstart my career and how this would help me grow. I have the qualifications yes, but i don't know everything there is to know about the industry.

11.4. Now I'm not making them choose between what their comfortable with or what their business plans are. I would overcome the bias feelings they have towards me being a new graduate working for their company by just again staying humble with whatever i do or say. I would even show them gratitude for what they're giving me, which is an interview. Not many people can work for their favorite label/ company, not many people can even catch an interview with their favorite label/ company. So, I'd be grateful to even have the interview if they choose me or not.

12. The Hardest Parts

12.1. I am not the best speaker when it comes to presenting in front of people and wise when it comes to saying the things I really want to say because of my nerves. I believe I'll have trouble keeping my voice strong and steady. I don't want to seem boring either, I never know what to do with my hands when it comes to talking aloud so I usually use them when i tell a story. I want to do this orally but I do have a few fears about choking up. As far as production of the presentation, I would think that maybe technical difficulties and finding out what I really could put on the slide of my presentation to make it resonate with my audience.