Present Simple Tense

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Present Simple Tense by Mind Map: Present Simple Tense

1. Form

1.1. S+V.1 (s,es)

2. Usage

2.1. repeated actions (every day, always, often, sometimes, never)

2.2. things in general

2.3. fixed arrangements, scheduled events (e.g. timetable)

2.4. sequence of actions in the present (first – then, after that)

2.5. instructions

2.6. with special verbs – which are normally not used with the Present Progressive (These verbs express states, possessions, feelings etc.) be, believe, belong, hate, hear, like, love, mean, prefer, remain, realize, see, seem, smell, think, understand, want, wish

2.7. Adverb of frequency

3. Keyword

3.1. Always

3.2. As a rule

3.3. As regularly

3.4. As usual

3.5. Daily

3.6. Ever

3.7. Every month

3.8. Every time

3.9. Every week

3.10. Every year