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TWC301 by Mind Map: TWC301

1. Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment under some circumstances

2. rhetorical knowledge

2.1. focus on the purpose

2.1.1. my goal is to be able to find the purpose with out having my mind wonder off

2.1.2. Focus in on team working together

2.2. response to the need of the audience

2.2.1. p#2 responded to the need to a team that is having issues woring together to come to a solution

2.3. respond appropriately to different rhetorical situations

2.3.1. my goal is to use the right vocabulary to be able to respond to each situation

2.4. use conventions of format and structure appropriate to the rhetorical situation

2.5. write in multiple genres

2.6. understand how watch genre helps to shape writing and how readers respnd to it

2.7. understand the role of a variet of technologies/media in accessing, retieving, managing, and communicting information

2.7.1. my goal is to become familiar with the new communication links that have become avaliable to me

2.8. use appropriate technoligies to organize, present, and communicate information to address a range of audences, purpose, and genres

2.8.1. used google sites to create the site

3. Critical thinking, reading, and writing

3.1. use information, writing, and reading for inquiry, learing, thinking, and communicating

3.2. integrate previously held beliefs, assumptions,and knowledge with new information and the ideas others to accomplish a specific purpose within a context

3.2.1. New node

4. processes

4.1. takes multiple drafts to create and complete a successful text

4.1.1. my goal is to manage my time to able to create multiple drafts and be able to successful

4.2. develop flexiable strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proof-reading

4.3. understand the collaborative and social aspects of research and writing processes

4.4. use appropriate technologies to manage data information collected or generated for future use

5. knowledge of conventions

5.1. learn common formats for different genres

5.2. develop knowledge of genre conventions ranging from structure and paragraphing to tone and mechanics

5.2.1. My goal is to constently be improving my grammer and writing mechanics, which I have issues with

5.3. understand and apply legal and ethical uses of information and technology including copyright and intellectual property

5.3.1. My goal is to be able to have my audience trust in my work and information provided to them

6. Virtual Culture

6.1. Apple Inc

6.1.1. a tool of communicating with apps

6.2. Facebook

6.2.1. not keeping up with generation Y

6.3. CNN

6.3.1. a form to communicate to the world what else is going on in other parts of the world.

6.4. communities and online identities

7. creative commons

8. copyright

8.1. public domain

8.1.1. "information that is not eligible for protection, the Public Domain is enlarged every year by works whose term of protection expires"

8.1.2. once access to a work has been granted then there ought not be legal restrictions on the re-use, modification or reproduction of these works.

8.1.3. The Public Domain status of a work guarantees the right to re-use, modify and reproduce. This also includes user prerogatives arising from exceptions and limitations, fair use and fair dealing, ensuring that these cannot be limited by contractual or technological means.

8.2. copyright protection

8.2.1. Copyright protection should last only as long as necessary to achieve a reasonable compromise between protecting and rewarding the author for his intellectual labour and safeguarding the public interest in the dissemination of culture and knowledge

8.2.2. New node

8.3. fair use

9. code of best practices

10. CRAP

10.1. Contrast

10.2. repetition

10.3. alignment

10.4. proximity

11. New MEDIA

11.1. Architectural Media

11.1.1. CAD computer aided design 2 routes: geometric modeling for enginering, automotive, and space industries. Then building spacific, for constuction industry, like GM to construct new car parts.

11.2. What is new media?

11.2.1. use of a computer for distubution and exhibition rather than production

11.3. New media & children

11.3.1. its the that the media is all good or bad its the content. such as games, television, and computers

11.4. manovich 5 differences in old and new media.

11.4.1. 1. Numerical Representation a mathmatical function

11.4.2. 2.Modularity 'fractions of the media

11.4.3. 3. Automation media access, manipulation, and creation.

11.4.4. 4.variablility an object is not a something fixed once in for all, but somehting that can exist in diffrent, potentialy infinite versions.

11.4.5. 5. Transcoding two layers cultural and computer, they infulence each other, emerging geners and new content.

11.5. new media and cellphones

11.5.1. barcodes to scan the product and retrive information of the product and others of it type. interface have changed drastically is the next thing to computers.