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TWC 301 Outcomes by Mind Map: TWC 301 Outcomes
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TWC 301 Outcomes

Rhetorical Knowledge

Focus on defined purpose

Respond to audience needs

Respond to given situations

Format according to situation

Adapt voice and tone

Understand different types of writing

Being able to write in different styles

Understand how to communicate information

Use technology to present information correctly

Goal By the end of this course I would like to have a better understanding of how to focus a specific tone to a specific audience.

Knowledge of Conventions

Learn different formats for different writing

Learning about different writing conventions and structures

Understanding ethical and unethical use

Goal By the end of this course I would like to be able to determine ethical writing/facts to unethical facts before putting them into my work

I feel that information about copyrights, fair use and creative commons fits best with knowledge of conventions.

Critical thinking, reading and writing

Use writing and reading to learn how to communicate

Blending new ideas and old ideas

Goal By the end of this course I would like to be able to explore more ideas and be able to integrate them into my work


Know that text needs many drafts before it is sucessful

Being flexible with revising

Understanding collaboration in regards to writing

Use technology to manage data

Goal By the end of this course I would like to accept that my work will not be perfect after one draft

Goal Will have my work proof read at least three times before submission

Goal I will submit my work early incase of technology issues

I feel that the C.R.A.P principals link best with the process section of my mindmap.