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Course Outcomes by Mind Map: Course Outcomes

1. Rhetorical Knowledge

2. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

3. Processes

4. Knowledge of Conventions

5. My Goals

5.1. * To obtain a general understanding of the central ideas of effective technical communications.

5.2. * To apply the best technical communication practices to projects both academic and professional.

5.3. * To obtain experience and fluency in the modern tools that enable efficient and collaborative communications.

6. (D#2, H#8) Flew's Virtual Cultures

6.1. Virtual Communites & Identities

6.2. Social Psychology

6.3. The Digital Divide

6.4. Social Capital and Social Software

6.5. The New Media

7. (D#4, H#5) C.R.A.P.

7.1. Contrast

7.2. Repetition

7.3. Alignment

7.4. Proximity

8. (D#6, H#3) Copyright, Fair Use & Creative Commons

8.1. Copyright in an Internet era

8.2. Creative Commons