Typing Game

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Typing Game by Mind Map: Typing Game

1. Time Rewards

1.1. weekly?

1.1.1. no. for each time is more motivating

1.2. must be for 10 minutes each time

1.3. the game is always right

1.3.1. I wish students could view their progress

2. wmp/accuracy

2.1. Are these quests? Milestones to reach?

2.1.1. Could set certain tournament times

3. optional

3.1. super heroes back story

3.2. photo showing their appropriate posture

3.3. teaching others

3.3.1. both teacher and learner earn points problem that the teacher might just do it rather than teach?

3.4. Designing graphics as needed

3.5. Adding resources to site

4. Platforms

4.1. Blogger

4.1.1. leaderboards

4.1.2. quests?

4.1.3. Students will already have blogs

4.1.4. Pros Learn new skills on our blogging platform

4.2. Blackboard?

4.2.1. able to leave messages for support

4.2.2. Resource lists in discussions?

4.2.3. Pros System used at school adaptive release New system to explore Cool because older siblings use it Cool because they can personalize it

4.2.4. Cons Dying system Doesn't play well with media Students won't know how to use it which may be a barrier Unmonitored discussions could lead to bullying

4.3. Google Apps

4.3.1. leader board

4.3.2. Resource lists?

4.4. Edmodo?

4.4.1. pros Cool, like FB so motivating Help me learn a new platform badges built into system Gradebook and assignments could help manage the game

4.4.2. cons yet another system I don't know it closed- can't share their successes outside the group

5. notifications

5.1. parent letter

5.1.1. ongoing work in progress so things will change

5.2. teacher letter

5.3. inform Robyn

5.4. share with Keith

5.5. inform admin

5.6. inform Jason

6. Assumptions

6.1. no pre-test; vast majority can't type

6.2. As low maintenance as possible

6.2.1. in this first version, take the low row

7. ramblings

7.1. what is the slant?

7.1.1. super hero academy?

7.2. what other NETs can they work on while they play?

7.2.1. Gain Blogger or Blackboard skills

7.2.2. Working with their profile

7.2.3. Uploading images

8. rewards

8.1. blog badges

8.2. super powers

8.2.1. what could those be or do?

8.3. earn learning game time in lab?

8.4. earn free dress day pass

8.5. reach level to help manage game?

8.6. join the support team

9. Level Up

9.1. Quests

9.1.1. Parent permission? for email? is it needed?

9.1.2. Create avatar and add to their account self-created picture of their super hero hand drawn and take a photo computer generated add to blogger profile

9.1.3. ergonomics research set up healthy workstation at home upload photo as evidence

9.1.4. keyboard cover design post photo

9.1.5. Create Super Hero Academy Page on Blog

10. License

10.1. Typing Game Brainstorm by Susan Sedro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.