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Place-Hampi by Mind Map: Place-Hampi
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Tangible Heritage

World Heritage Site - Vijayanagara

historical site/active pilgrimage site, cylinder 1, cylinder 2, cylinder 3, cylinder 4, cylinder 5, cylinder 6, cylinder 7, cylinder 8, cylinder 9, cylinder 10, cylinder 11, cylinder 12, cylinder 13, cylinder 14, cylinder 15, cylinder 16

Intangible Heritage

Hindu Mythology

Magic Realism, deity/worshipper, darshan, "seeing and being seen", monkeys/human, reciprocal process, co-generated meaning



AVIE, omnistero, 360 degrees, multiuser

interactive cinema

visual, stereo panoramic video, stereo panoramic photography, VR Roundshot camera, composted CG stereo images, ultra high res panoramas, 16 cylinders

sonic, ambisonic site recordings, Carnatic compositions, Dr L. Subramanian

algorithmic, 3D animation, CGI, motion capture, artificial intelligence, scripts, intelligent agents, mapping and transformation, 3 narrative spaces conjoined

user interface

navigation, DEM (data terrain model), shakira mandala

microphone captures users' sounds, triggers 3D text on screen, enlglish, sanskrit

Theoretical considerations

Symmetrical Archaeology

phenomenology, devotional site, viewer's subjective experience

embodiment, sensorium, enactment, immersion

corpothetics, darshan, somatic solidarity

mediation, "intertwining of people and things", co-evolving narrative

Theories of Presence



cultural presence