startville food fiesta

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startville food fiesta by Mind Map: startville food fiesta

1. Event idea

1.1. children experience doing an event.

1.2. parents and children are involved in the event

1.3. each class experience working as a team to execute the event .

1.4. children are exposed to different kind of food from all countries.

1.5. money which is collected on event will be given to charity.

1.6. all level children are involved in the event.

2. children involvement

2.1. children are involved in cooking the dishes(self-help skills)

2.2. children will work with their peers and teachers to do up the classroom according to the cuisine they are cooking.

2.3. children will sell the food .

2.4. children work with their teachers to design their costume.

3. Parents involement

3.1. parents are able to contribute dishes

3.2. parents are able to contribute event items

3.3. parents and external family members are invited to support the event.

3.4. parents are able to help their respective childs  class on the event .

4. details on the event

4.1. its held on 21 October 2016

4.2. time : 5pm-7pm

4.3. event held in starville pre school

5. materials required for the event

5.1. containers to pack food

5.1.1. food items for each class

5.2. materials for class decoration

5.3. banner done for each class

5.4. food lables

5.5. tables and chairs