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1. in the 1990s

2. (+) S + wish(es) + S + had + P2(ed)

2.1. Eg: He wishes he had gone by taxi.

3. (-)S+ wish(es) + S + hadn't + P2(ed)

3.1. <=>If only + S+ P2(ed)

3.1.1. Eg: I wish I hadn't failed the exam last year

4. Too+many/much (few/little)+ N+ for O+to-V

4.1. Eg: She has too many friends to remember their birthdays

4.2. Eg: My mom has too little free time to watch TV at night

5. S+ V+ such+ a/an+adj + singular N+ that+ clause

5.1. Eg: She is such a kind person that everyone loves her.

5.2. Eg: He was such a strong swimmer that he won the first prize.

6. Modal "could" with "wish"

6.1. S +wish(es)+ (that)+ S+ could+ V

6.1.1. Eg: I wish I could swim

7. Prepositions of time

7.1. IN

7.1.1. in the morning

7.1.2. in January

7.1.3. in 2002

7.1.4. in (the) winter

7.1.5. in the 21st century

7.1.6. in the past/future

7.2. ON

7.2.1. on my birthday

7.2.2. on Monday on January 14th

7.2.3. on Christmas Day

7.2.4. on time

7.3. AT

7.3.1. at 5 o'clock

7.3.2. at midnight

7.3.3. at lunchtime

7.3.4. at weekend

8. The past simple with "wish"

8.1. S + wish(es) + S + could have +P2(ed)

8.1.1. <=>If only + S + could have+P2(ed) Eg: She wishes she could have been there

9. Adverb clauses of result

9.1. S+be / V(past) + so+ adj/adv+ that + clause

9.1.1. Eg: She is very kind so everyone loves her

9.1.2. Eg: He swam very strongly so he won the first prize.

9.2. S+so+adj+that+a/an+singular N+that+clause

9.2.1. Eg: She is so kind a person that everyone loves her

9.3. S+ V+ so+ many/few+ plural N+that +clause

9.3.1. Eg: She has so many friends that she can't remember their birthdays

9.3.2. Eg: So few pupils registered for the class that it was cancelled

9.4. S+V+so +much/little+uncountable N+that+clause

9.4.1. Eg: My mom has so little free time that she never watches TV at night

9.4.2. Eg: They spent so much money that they got broke

9.5. S+be/V+such+adj+plural/uncountable N+that+clause

9.5.1. Eg: They had such nice memories that they decided to come back there

9.5.2. Eg: It was such good news that she jumped with joys

9.6. Too+adj/adv+(for O)+to-V

9.6.1. Eg: The coffee is too hot for us to drink

9.6.2. Eg: He run too fast for everyone to catch up with.

9.7. Adj/Adv+enough+(for O)+to-V

9.7.1. Eg: He swam strongly enough to won the first prize

9.7.2. Eg: The car isn't cheap enough for them to buy

9.8. Enough+N+(for sb/smt)+to-V

9.8.1. Eg: My mom doesn't have enough free time to watch TV at night

9.8.2. Eg: He didn't read enough reference book to finish his text