Ideas Generation - Second Idea

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Ideas Generation - Second Idea by Mind Map: Ideas Generation - Second Idea

1. Narrative:

1.1. The two main characters had been best friends since a young age, and appeared to have a generally idealistic relationship

1.2. The protagonists best friend committed suicide, which comes as a complete shock to her

1.3. The story follows both the impact this has upon her/surrounding characters, as well as the protagonists search for reasons

1.4. She discovers her friends diary, initially keeping this as a reminder of how alive and filled with human emotions her friend was (as was often repressed/not shown through the closed-off nature of their relationship), but then discovers troubling diary entries

1.5. She goes to some of the places mentioned in the diary and finds that everything written within the diary is happening to her - i.e kidnapping

1.6. These events are not necessarily violent, but are uncanny/sinister in nature, matching exactly what is described in the diary - this leads the protagonist to believe that her fate is inevitably the same as her friends

1.7. Her fate, however, is not the same, and she is able to escape the situation by learning more and more about her friend, uncovering the true reasons behind her suicide which she had previously blinded herself to

2. Characters:

2.1. Protagonist

2.1.1. - Female, aged 17

2.1.2. - Opinionated/Strong willed

2.1.3. - Negative relationship with parents - as a result of this she is increasingly distrustful, closed-off

2.1.4. - Often skips school/doesn't believe in the education system, generally reckless

2.2. Protagonists Best Friend

2.2.1. - Female, aged 17

2.2.2. - Straight A student, plans to study Biology in university

2.2.3. - Supportive, idealistic family, who get on incredibly well with her best friend

2.2.4. - Secretive/generally closed-off

3. Themes

3.1. The power/impact of friendship - the protagonist continues through the events of the diary in order to simply learn more about her friend, and discover what she had previously taken for granted

3.2. Idealism Vs Reality (binary opposition) - even in their close friendship, the protagonist saw her best friend as having an idealistic life, and was unaware of the reality