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Genre by Mind Map: Genre

1. Is this true? Did this actually happen? Are the characters real people that we could have lunch with?

1.1. Yes

1.1.1. Non-Fiction Autobiography - the story of a real life person's life written by the person (i.e. Mrs. W writes a book about her own life) Biography - the story of a real life person's life written by someone else (i.e. Mrs. W writes a book about the life of Albert Einstein) Informational - texts that provide facts about a variety of topics (a book about the history of Halloween) Personal Narrative - a short story written by the author about a specific true event in the author's life (but NOT their entire life)

1.2. No

1.2.1. Fiction Realistic fiction - a story using made-up characters, that could happen in real life BUT DIDN'T Historical fiction - a story with fictional characters that takes place in a particular time period in the past Fantasy - a story that includes elements that are impossible, like talking animals or magical powers Science fiction - a story similar to fantasy, but uses elements of technology or science, like robots, time machines, etc. Mystery - a suspenseful story that is not solved until the end of the book