Education needs to Change

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Education needs to Change by Mind Map: Education needs to Change

1. Solutions

1.1. Student Choice in Curriculum

1.1.1. Teach Like a Pirate

1.2. Multiple Paths to graduation

1.3. Maintain high standards

1.3.1. Launch

1.4. Business partners/internships

1.5. Innovation in education

1.6. Multiple methods of testing so one test does not determine future nor determine most important aspect of the course

2. Problems with Current System

2.1. Current System works great but outdated

2.2. Rote Memorization is obsolete in a world of Google

2.3. High school graduates students without skills needed for their futures.

2.4. Prepares students for jobs that no longer exist.  Jobs where most important skills = adding/subtracting in head, handwriting & complying to conformity (all the same).

3. Sources



3.3. Goal 3

4. Paths to Graduation all with Advanced Regents Diploma, Internship, Community Service

4.1. Military

4.2. Vocational/Trade

4.3. College