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Mise-En-Scene by Mind Map: Mise-En-Scene

1. Lighting

1.1. Living room scene will be lit normally, as it's inside and will be in a natural, normal environment

1.2. News scene will be lit brightly so that the news scene looks institutionalised and normal for a news program

1.3. The scene on the farm will either be shot in daytime (so will be lit normally, by the sun) or will be shot at night (Dusk), so we will have the police character carrying a torch in front of him for the first person viewing

2. Colour

2.1. Red - Blood during fight scene

2.2. Dark colours used for the drug-related characters to show that they are bad

3. Props

3.1. Gun

3.1.1. Policeman carries this to protect himself during the 'video game' sequence

3.2. Video game controller

3.2.1. Held by the young boy when we switch back to the scene in the living room, with the boy on the game. Audience will know what this is as it's something they use and so are used to seeing.

3.3. Knife

3.3.1. Used by the policeman in the fight scene, adds drama as he uses it for protection

3.4. Drugs

3.4.1. Held by drug dealer and junky to give impression of drugs changing hands

3.5. Bike

3.5.1. Policeman rides into the farm on this

3.6. Car

3.6.1. Arrives on the farm and drives in the drug dealer

3.7. Piece of paper

3.7.1. Held by the newsreader, to show that he knows what he's talking about and underlines his status as an intelligent newsreader

3.8. Torch

3.8.1. Used by policeman if we shoot the farm scene at night

4. Locations

4.1. Our main body of the film (the video game section) will be shot at the farm. This is because it enables us to have a location that is fairly quiet and where no one can hear you scream...

4.1.1. Accessible

4.2. We will also shoot at Ben's house as this will be a location that people will be able to relate to (as everyone lives in a house)

4.2.1. Relatable

4.2.2. Easy to get to

4.3. Our final location for shooting will be at school, in front of the green screen. This will then be overlayed with  the BBC news background, to give the impression of the newsreader being in a newsroom.

4.3.1. Makes it look realistic

4.3.2. Creates a feeling of things being real

4.3.3. Looks professional

5. Costume

5.1. The boy in the film will wear:

5.1.1. Casual, stereotypical teen clothes

5.1.2. Blue t-shirt, plain

5.1.3. Black jeans

5.2. The newsreader will wear:

5.2.1. Smart clothing

5.2.2. Shirt and tie to show his professionalism

5.3. The drug dealer will wear:

5.3.1. Casual, hoodie

5.3.2. Dark clothing

5.3.3. Hat Beanie

5.4. The 'drugee' will wear

5.4.1. Similar to the dealer

5.5. The gangster's/guards will wear:

5.5.1. Balaclavas

5.5.2. Dark clothing - fairly normal

6. Special Effects

6.1. Blood effect

6.1.1. We will edit in a blood effect into the fight scenes in the editing process to make it look more realistic

6.2. Gun shooting

6.2.1. We will add in a gun shooting effect