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MID822 by Mind Map: MID822
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Select your name

Click on the "Add" button (top left)

Type a statement

Repeat until you have three statements

Ensure that the truths and lie are equally believable or unbelievable.

Introductory activity: 2 truths, 1 lie


I can write backwards

I have abseiled down a waterfall

I am a semi-professional dancer

Chan Lai Fun Benji

I love to eat durian.

I am a drummer with a Latin percussion band.

I am a freelance photographer.

Chew Han Lim

i speak 6 languages

i have designed numerous e-learning modules in 5 years

i love food

Chia Tet Soon Anthony

I love to go for long drives.

Love photography

Love writing

Chiu Wee Meng

I play more than 3 musical instrument.

I am have been to Google's main office in California

I have perfect eyesight

Chong Woon Yee Trudi

Cindy Seah Wee Choo

I am graduating soon

I like to play with tools

I used to be an electrical technician

Foo Khee Loon

I speak French fluently.

I have been on an aircraft carrier

De Cotta Debra Theresa

I enjoy swimming

Love playing the flute

Snow ski

Khan Nazma Furqan

I like cooking can make more than 10 dishes in a day.

I can type 125 letters per minute

I love to sing and do "bhangrah" dance

Lim Ek Leng

I can swim

I can dive

I can't cook

Low Hiang Meng

I am single., New node

Mohamed Imran Bin Mohamed

I am getting married

I like to check emails

I play tennis

Ng Hsiao Feng

Noor Aishah Binte Haja Mohideen

I have two sons, I hate the first term of school, I get bored easily.

Peter Law Yeow Choong

Tan Chye Huat

I'm in my final year of the course., I was a part-time Karaoke Jockey (ie. similar to Disc Jockey) during my 4-year of undergraduate study., I enjoy reading books related to Chinese Horoscopes including the famous "8 Pillars".

Tay Kian Leng

Yam Yee Nam

Brainstorming: Edtech trends

Anytime & anywhere learning

Cloud computing and storage

Collaborative learning

google documents


Mobile devices

Skype type communication

Instant feedback



Many devices able to do that

Mobile Apps

Mobile learning

screen too small for heavy reading

Online Game-based Learning


VISUAL IMPACT, Make friends through co-participation


Social Networking


Catching up with friends / making new friends on Facebook, Updating personal blogs, sharing juicy news

blogging, Journal, Wiki, reflection,

Web 2.0

Virtual Workspaces

Online Communities, Communities of Practice (CoPs), Communities of Interests


Collaborative Writing

connected always

always on the move, cool to be online, 'learning' on the move, always distracted, not focus

gaining of piont in game

instant updating

New node

media literacy

mobile computing

mobile learning


virtual classroom


presenting skills, visual learners

Mass customization

software services