Food Emulsifier

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Food Emulsifier by Mind Map: Food Emulsifier

1. Properties of Some Common Food Emulsifiers

1.1. Mono- & Di-glycerides Sucrose Esters Sorbitan Esters Polisorbates Polysorbate 60 Polysorbate 65 Stearoyl Lactylates Lecithin

2. What is Emulsion and Emulsifier? -Emulsion mixture of two dispersed liquids that are immiscible under normal conditions, whereby one phase is dispersed in the other in the form of fine droplets. - Emulsifiers are substances which reduce the surface tension at the interface of two normally immiscible phases, allowing them to mix and form an emulsion(liquid and liquid)

3. Nonionic – uncharged molecules  Most commonly used food emulsifier type.

3.1. Example: mono- and diglycerides, sorbitan esters,sucroseesters,polysorbates,polyoxyethylene glycol oleates (all contain an –OH functional group)

4. Anionic – posess a negative electrical charge;

4.1. e.g., Stearoyl lactylates, diacetyl tartaric esters of monoglycerides (DATEM), succinylated monoglycerides

5. Cationic – Possess a positive electrical charge

5.1. e.g., amine compounds.

6. HLB – expresses the balance of size and strength of the hydrophilic (water loving or polar) and the lipophilic (oil loving or nonpolar) groups on the emulsifier

6.1. HLB of 3 – 6 : a good water in oil emulsifier HLB of 7 – 9 : can be used for w/o or o/w emulsifier. HLB of 10 – 18 : a good o/w emulsifier

6.2. HLB>10 indicate relatively more polar (hydrophilic) molecules

7. Application of Emulsifier

7.1. Cakes -Emulsifiers added to fat-containing batters function to:  (1) stabilize the aerated structure (2) promote a finer distribution of the fat droplets.

7.2. Bread  -As dough conditioning/strengthening(development of less tacky, more extensible dough that are processed through machinery without tearing or sticking) - Examples of dough conditioners: calcium stearoyl lactylate, sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL).

7.3. Confectionery Products & Coatings -Emulsifiers are used primarily to inhibit bloom, stabilize gloss, & improve palatability.

7.4. Frozen dairy products – Ice Cream -In ice cream, emulsifiers function as aerating agent and foam stabiliser -In ice cream, emulsifiers stabilize the foam by actually de-stabilizing the product's emulsion.

7.5. Noodle & Pasta -Emulsifiers make a rigid complex with starch to protect starch granules and improve the quality of starchy foods.