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Chapter 16: Static Electricity By Alvin Lee (14) 4S3 by Mind Map: Chapter 16:
Electricity By
Alvin Lee (14)
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Chapter 16: Static Electricity By Alvin Lee (14) 4S3

Laws of Electrostatics


Positive Charge

Negative Charge

Law of Charges, Like charges repel, Unlike charges attract

SI Unit, Coulomb (C)

Electric Field

A region in which an electric charge experiences a force

Electric Field Line

The path a positive charge would take if it is free to move

Principles of Electrostatics

Charging by rubbing

Charge is transferred from one object to another

Charging by Induction

The production of electric charge on the surface of a conductor under the influence of an electric field

Advantage, Can be repeated many times, Does not lose charge from the inducing specimen

Alternative method, Earthing process, Positively-charged rod is brought near to a neutral, in sulated conductor

Crazy Action of Paper

Hazards and Applications of Electrostatics

Electrostatic Hazards

Cause fires

Applications of Electrostatics


Laser Printer

Electrostatic Paint Spraying

Electrostatic Precipitator